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Don't let the number of steps fool you - this is quick & easy & tastes good! I halved the recipe with no problems, used a mixture of red & green peppers, white kidney beans, low fat cheddar & light sour cream. I didn't have any fresh cilantro so I substituted a little dried stuff. We weren't fussy on the cornmeal topping - but we're from the north. Thanx Sharon!

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CountryLady January 04, 2004

The filling had great flavors, and is more along the lines of 4 stars. But the crust layer was very thin, and also not really what I was expecting (very crunchy). Added some salsa at the table to give it a little heat. It definitely looked beautiful coming out of the oven.

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Maito November 05, 2007

yum yum yum. I did add some extra lean ground beef as my friends daughter is a pure carnivore but otherwise kept it the same. The only thing i was not sure of is when you say "egg whites (beaten)". Does this mean beat them til peaks, or just beat them regularly like egg yolks?

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MarraMamba October 09, 2007

This was super easy and really good. I did make a few changes. I used a package of Lawry's Taco seasoning instead of all the ingredient spices, I omitted the peppers as this family is not to crazy about them, and I used Marie Calendar's corm bread mix and poured it on the top. It was very good and satisfying. Kids love it.

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BakingGuru April 03, 2007

This is pretty tasty and not too time-consuming. I enjoyed it, but the topping was heavier than I like for cornbread. Not sure if it was because of the egg whites, or not. My fiance gave it an okay, but not a fantastic. However, this at least got him to eat vegetables - he's worse than a kid! Thanks!

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Wreckage October 04, 2005

Sharon is quickly becoming one of my favorite sources of meatless meals. This one-dish meal was easy to prepare with just wonderful results. I cut the garlic back to 2 tablespoons - about 5 medium sized cloves. I also replaced some of the carrots with leftover corn cut from the cob - and otherwise prepared the recipe as directed. The vegetables were nicely cooked without being mushy or losing their shape - comon in this sort of dish. I also enjoyed that while the top crust was tender with a crispy top and moist bottow it was fairly low in fat. I loved the crust so much next time I may make this in a deep dish pie plate and save the extra filling to eat as vegetarian chili - thereby having more crust per serving. My final comment was that it only served six since we took rather generous portions. Thanks.

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justcallmetoni July 10, 2005
Wow Them Tamale Pie