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Sorry I usually try to keep my reviews short but I feel the need to explain more. I was torn between 3 stars or a 4. Decided on 4 because-First, I prefer commercial patties (weird I know) but we really did enjoy the flavour & they were very juicy! Secondly I changed the quantities due to the amt. of meat I had. The burgers did not break but were slightly falling apart so I had to be careful to keep them together. May have also made them too thick. Thus the 4 stars it was probably more me than the receipe. We liked the mushrooms & onions in the burger & will try again to get them just right. Whew I'm done!! Thanks.

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Night Owl February 07, 2007

These were very good! I scaled the recipe back and used only 1 pound of beef, and we still got 5 large burgers--we could probably have gotten 6. They are very moist and would fall apart on the grill, but pan-fried, they are delicious. We originally rated them a 4, but since eating the leftovers we've decided that this is a recipe worth 5 stars. Thanks for posting!

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lucid501 July 12, 2006

The name of this burger is not misleading it is right up there with the best - I cooked some extra mushrooms and even with the onions in the burger added a slice of wonderful Maui onion (Love onions)-used cheddar chesse MMmm Burger heaven Thanks Christmas Carol for a super dinner

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Bergy December 04, 2005
World's Greatest Mushroom-Onion Burgers