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This recipe totally lives up to its name. The best! I made it with Quinoa instead of bulgar wheat and it was FABULOUS. I just prepared one cup of dry organic Quinoa per the packaging instructions and proceeded as stated. I kept all of the veggies and other ingredients the same as I think Quinoa poofs up a bit more than the bulgar wheat. Plus I like lots of stuff in my salad. I eased up by just a bit on the olive oil and red wind vinegar but I don't think the whole amount would make much difference. Also, I used about 4 parts parsley to 1-2 parts mint which I got from my garden and is stronger than the stuff you buy in the store. I probably had at least a full 3/4 cup of parsley when chopped. To me, it is hard to determine how much "one bunch" is, so that's how I handled it. GREAT, GREAT recipe. Seriously the best Tabouleh Salad I have ever made.

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girlofthepuddle January 19, 2012

I made this recipe 3 times and after experimenting with a couple of additions, I love it. I followed the recipe exactly and then added 1/2 of an english cucumber, chopped, and 1 1/2 packets of raw sugar. This reduced the acidity a little. Shared with others who loved it also. Thanks for posting the recipe.

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neeserwoman April 11, 2010

I love this salad. So refreshing and clean tasting...I can eat it with everything and everyday...so good...thanks for posting it.

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YungB November 03, 2011

Yes, indeed, this is the best tabbouli salad I've made. The fine grind bulghur does make a difference in the texture and cooking time. I didn't have tamari soy sauce, though, so will buy some for the next time to see the difference. Recommend this recipe to all.

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vtopp July 30, 2009

A most excellent recipe! I cut the recipe in half. No rice wine vinegar - used balsamic instead... and added cucumbers. It is the perfect balance of bulgar to parsley ratio. A few years ago,I needed a last minute dish to take to a gathering. Looking at what I had on hand and following a whim, I stumbled across a fantastic combo of mixing tabouli with a container of classic tuna salad (not mayonaisy) from Whole Foods. The flavors came together perfectly and it was a huge hit! The whole room wanted the "recipe". Since then, when I make tabouli, I often add a can of Albacore tuna to the mix and Wa La(!) - an excellent meal that is appreciated by all. Top with a slice of avocado and you have heaven on a plate. Without fail, recipe requests follow the first bite. It just works. In-joy.

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StarFire22 January 30, 2014

Yummy! I substituted cilantro for one half of the parsley, because that is what I had and used garlic instead of the cayenne....wow.

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jlgorham July 17, 2012

Tabbouleh has always been something I wanted to make, and this recipe is the one I will use every time! I substituted Quinoa in place of the bulgur, using 1 1/2 cups of dry Quinoa to 3 cups of water and cooking it according to the directions on its package. This made the perfect amount of Quinoa to veggie ratio since I prefer a more balanced salad. Any less Quinoa & I think the parsley would have been too dominant. I used curly leaf parsley, which to me seemed to be just as flavorful as flat leaf but not as pungent. I chopped it very finely & took other's advice & measured 3/4 cup to 1 cup loosely packed. My "1 bunch" of green onions was 6 onions, & I used the whole onion-- both the green & the white. Where the recipe calls for 1 medium onion chopped, I only added 1/4 chopped to the salad, & it was a little too strong even with such a small amount. So I suggest using a mild or sweet onion or leaving it out altogether; I thought the green onions gave it great flavor on their own. I used fresh garden mint as well & only needed 1/4 cup or less after it was chopped. I used 16oz fresh cherry tomatoes quartered, & kept the olive oil & red wine vinegar as stated. Quinoa can be a little sticky so the oil really helped keep the texture of traditional tabbouleh. My only additions were 1 English cucumber finely chopped, which boosted the texture & flavor immensely, & about 2Tbls of balsamic vinegar to give the salad just a little bit of sweet without having to worry about granules of sugar showing up in the salad. I served this wonderful dish with hummus, pita bread, kalamata olives, & marinated Greek chicken kabobs (recipe was from a different website). Everyone loved it all!! Thank you for sharing this recipe blucoat!!

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angel_gabrie_7578910 September 11, 2013

Great recipe! I left out the mint because they didn't have any at the store. Next time I'll chop the parsley more finely. Excellent flavor. Thanks!

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lolablitz February 12, 2012

I added lentils to this too for more protein. All the herbs, veggies and even the vinegar are from my garden. Great recipe and will make it again and again.

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Dianne K. May 11, 2015
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