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These are the BEST sugar cookies EVER! I've made them several times and I always get requests for the recipe. The recipe is correct, you do need to use 4 and 1/3 cups of CAKE flour. It seems like a ton of flour, but to make these comparable to the Paradise Cafe version, you need it! Just make sure not to stir too much after you've added the flour.

I don't chill the dough, because usually when I'm making these its last minute and they turn out the same. Once I've got the dough complete, I measure each cookie out with a small disher, then roll them between my hands, roll them in sugar and then press them down with the palm of my hand. I bake them on parchment paper for only 8 minutes so that the bottoms stay barely golden. Once they're out of the oven, I leave them on the pan for a minute longer, then use a HUGE, but thin spatula to lift them to the wire rack. They're VERY delicate, so be careful and let them cool completely!

People have actually argued with me about whether or not they're from a bakery. You HAVE to try this recipe!

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Amanda JTG January 25, 2011

A very light, rich and delicate cookie. Perfect for my Christmas tray. Frosted with pink vanilla frosting and added candies sprinkles over the tops...Thank U for this recipe..I also used cake flour substitute 1 3/4c flour and 1/4 c cornstarch worked like a charm....

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Potluck December 12, 2009

These are just like the Paradise Bakery sugar cookie. The recipe is perfect. It's a dry day here in Arizona. I didn't quite use the full amount of flour. But on a more humid day I would. Measure the (sifted) cake flour by filling the cup with a spoon and leveling off with a knife. The amount of flour in the recipe is definitely correct, though you might not need it all.<br/><br/>Though I love this cookie and am happy to find this recipe, this cookie may not be for everyone. There is a lot of shortening and very little vanilla. It might taste floury or even "tasteless" to some. All I can say is add extra vanilla or find a sugar cookie recipe that uses more flavoring, butter or sour cream, etc. But if you love the Paradise Bakery sugar cookie, you'll be very happy with this recipe!

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maryandkevinaz November 21, 2013

I actually made these cookies for Christmas this year and they turned out great! I rolled them out and used a Christmas ornament cookie cutter. I frosted them and put sprinkles on top. They were a big hit with everyone who tried them!

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juliemd1980 December 24, 2009

The first batch of these I said was not good but once they completely cooled they tasted perfect. My second try was even better. The third time the first tray I put in the oven started crumbling. I couldn't figure out why but I think I needed to bake them longer. I am waiting for the rest of them to come out but this recipe is right on. Watch out though and you may have them all eaten in the first hour! Lol

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hmarie88 May 16, 2013

This recipe calls for shortening only and you can definitely taste it! I much prefer a buttery taste and won't be making this recipe again.

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mortonmom March 03, 2013

Definitely would not make these again. The shortening made these so bland. I even subbed 1/2 cup of it with butter and it did not help. I did them drop style and pressed with a sugared glass, but they were just not the same as a traditional sugar cookie.

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fair1hew August 06, 2012

:( This recipe did not work for me and I am confused as to why, after all the lovely reviews. I did cut the recipe in half, but other than that followed it to a T. My batter came out like dry pea sized crumbles. Not wanting to give up, I scrunched the batter together in balls with my hands, rolled the balls in sugar and flattened them a bit with my palm. The directions said to bake the cookies until slightly golden, and cracked on top. Mine never turned golden, even after a couple extra minutes, and when I cooled them and tried to bite into one, they were like rock hard biscuits and I ended up throwing them away, and throwing away the remainder of the batter. After talking with a friend who uses a similar recipe, she told me that her cookies never turn golden, so she takes them out exactly at the time her recipe indicates, and so maybe that is why they turned out so hard. All in all, I still had fun trying the recipe, I just wish they had come out better.

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TexasKelly March 03, 2012

This is what Heaven tastes like! They are just like the Paradise Cafe cookies! The texture with the CAKE flour and powdered sugar is an almost exact match. This was a test recipe in preparation to make some Lemon Zester cookies, also from Paradise, which are seasonal (the recipe I've found is similar to this one, with lemon zest and lemon jello added). I followed the recipe, except I halved it (yes, 1/2 of an egg...), but it turned out great, so I think the CAKE flour amount is correct. I formed the dough with an ice cream scoop (1/2 recipe made 12), rolled in sugar, briefly refrigerated, and then baked for 10 min. I think people who haven't had the sugar cookies or Lemon Zesters at Paradise probably won't like the texture as much, because it's different than any other cookies I've tried, and it's different than what you might expect. I'm two hours away from the nearest Paradise Cafe, so thank you for sharing this recipe!

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MissLinguist January 16, 2012

This is the best sugar cookie recipe I have ever tried. These will be my family's Santa cookies from now on. They taste just like the paradise bakery cookies!

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michelles3231 December 19, 2011
World Famous Paradise Bakery Sugar Cookies