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I'm also from spingfield I made horseshoes earlier today but I made buffalo chicken I used tyson breaded chicken tenders and mixed up some red hot and butter diped the tenders as soon as they came out of the deep fryer and set it up just as this recipe and they were great every buffalo chicken fan I know loves em great recipe I would give 10 stars

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Big Red September 03, 2002

We used to go to a place in Litchfield, Illinois that served their Horseshoe Sandwich with shaved ham or turkey instead of hamburger. That's the way my family likes it. Either way, these are great! Thanks for the recipe.

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kam23 April 29, 2002

Velveeta??? No.

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CryPixie83 July 18, 2009

I was raised in Springfield Illinois and my great grandmother worked at the Leland hotel in the late 20's along side the creator of the Horseshoe Sandwich. She passed it to my grandmother who passed it to me. The original is served on a sizzling metal plate (known as the Anvil) the 2 thick cut slices of bread were toasted and added the the plate. Then a thick slice of ham was added shaped like a horseshoe, to it a Welsh rarbit cheese sauce made of white sharp cheddar, then just before serving shoestring fries were added as the (nails) in the horseshoe. This sandwich was created for the hungry horseman that used to frequent Springfield, many sandwich combinations were created and this was the one that the men loved best. It was not an after thought at the Red Coach. Many years after it was created at the Leland Hotel, Steve Tomko a co creator brought the recipe to Wayne Coombs at Wayne's red coach inn which by the way Wayne did not open until 1971! Hopeful is hopeless, wrong story and wrong cheese sauce, no one but Betty Crocker would try to use Velveeta (which isn't even cheese) in a rarebit cheese sauce. Ron is absolutely correct sharp white cheddar only. There are a few other things wrong with this knock of recipe. While I love the horseshoe sandwich and all of its many varieties of meat, bread, French fry, and as you can see cheese choices I cannot give this particular recipe high stars. It's almost as bad as the lady who said she used a powdered cheese to make her sauce. This is like putting a homemade five cheese mac n cheese next to a .35 box of Kraft powdered cheese mac n cheese. While both are Mac and cheese one is far superior. That is why I cannot give this a higher star rating.

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kerstin.brown May 19, 2008

I did not make this particular recipe, but I love horseshoes! These are exclusive to central Illinois and are awesome! I use a dry cheese packet from the discount bread stores and it makes a wonderful cheese sauce. A good horseshoe is all about good cheese sauce and good fries which are all personal preference. Experiment with different sauces and meats. I like crinkle cut fries myself. I felt compelled to rate this a 5 star because Horseshoes are great and I think it's great that this fabulous local venue is on recipezaar. I feel Mr. Hatcher's rating could hurt the reputation of this great dish. If you haven't tried one, waste no more time!

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Melly2 April 01, 2004

As a Springfield native, I am certain the original recipe is not from the Red Coach Inn and it did not call for Velveeta. The recipe is from the old Leland Hotel (1928, long before the Red Coach opened it's doors), and the cheese of choice was Old English cheddar (white cheddar, extra sharp). I made horseshoes for New Year's Day, and I assure you I did not use Velveeta or Cheeze Whiz! You've got to use real cheese, aged and sharp. Ron Hatcher

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ron hatcher January 07, 2004
World Famous Horseshoe Sandwich