Worcestershire Sauce Bull Cooking and Authentic Historical Recip

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Recipe by Chefpooky

This is the recipe for Worcestershire Sauce from the book Bull Cooking and Authentic Historical Recipes and Practices by George Herter. This book has all kinds of interesting recipes. Many of them her has come up with origins for the dishes, which are a little stretched , to say the least


  1. Drain the beans and run through a food mill and place in the gallon jar. Then add the Soy Sauce and Garlic.
  2. Take 2 sardines, place in a small bowl of vinegar and wash them off, mash them up with a fork and add to the jar.
  3. The apples can be green or red, peel and slice, place in a pot and cover with cider vinegar. Add onion, sliced, cloves, turmeric,nutmeg, allspice, and powdered coffee. Bring to a boil and and slowly boil for 2 hours. As the water in the vinegar evaporates add half water and half vinegar to replace it. Stir frequently as apples burn easily and will stick to the bottom,.
  4. Remove and run through a food mill and add 8 cups of the puree to the jar.
  5. Add the red pepper, corn syrup,salt,mustard and sugar.
  6. Fill the balence of the jar with cider vinegar, shake up well and lit sit for 24 hours.

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