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This was exceptional. I used potatoes, carrots, chives, onion, garlic and corn as my vegetable. I think I used too much water so I added extra oatmeal and cornstarch to thicken until I got the consistency I wanted. I almost did not make the crust but am so glad I did. It is amazing. The only thing I did different was to add chicken soup base until it tasted right as I did add too much water I think. I also used a little less salt in the crust. Thank you so much for posting the recipe.

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Cilantro in Canada October 12, 2011

My family and I really enjoy this recipe, we have a big garden every year and lots of veggies end up in this. Thanks for the recipe!

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loonydaycarelady March 28, 2015

My husband and I both enjoyed this dish. I added cut up turkey and made a small amount of thick gravy to mix in with the vegetables as they were a bit dry. I also added poultry seasoning, summer savoury, black pepper to the vegetables. I added a few shakes of "Spike" no salt seasoning to the crust and decreased the salt to 1/4 tsp.

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Greenstar's Kitchen January 25, 2013
Woolton Pie