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I had submitted my review for this but it doesn't seem to be here anymore...... Oh Well ...let's do this again. I have my own broth recipe I use all the time which I love....but I wanted to try a different Wonton recipe and thought I would try this one. It sounded delicious...And delicious it was !!! I had doubled the recipe because I make them and freeze them in food saver bags to go with my wonton broths I freeze. I had gotten 48 wontons. I make the wontons and cook them in some boiling water that I had added chicken cubes or bouillon to. Cook them for the indicated time and then let them cool and then freeze with desired amounts in each bag. Then I take out the bag of wontons with the container of broth and let defrost, then simmer the broth then add the wontons so they could warm back up. No wontons fall apart this way. Has worked for me...I find if frozen in the soups they tend to fall apart more easily.
Anyways these little bundles were absolutely yummy !!! Will definitely make again. Thanks for sharing your recipe PanNan.....I will take another pic when I have the soup again...I had one here but that disappeared with my review....Thanks once again.....

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FrenchBunny March 05, 2011

This was delicious and fun to make! I nearly doubled the wontons because I wanted some extra, but in doing that, I lost a lot of my broth cooking them (too much of it, even though I started with extra just in case.) I ended up throwing in a bunch of homemade veggie stock cubes I had frozen in trays (which added a lot of great flavor.) The only other changes I made were adding crushed red pepper to my meat, mushrooms with the spinach, and a dash of soy sauce to the broth. I was SO good. More filling than we expected. I would keep some extra broth around just in case!

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pookiexcore October 09, 2013

LOVE em...The only thing I do differently is that I add a few water chestnuts (not necessary, but I like a little crunch) to the mix. Also, instead of mincing everything I throw it all into the food processer and pulse. I usually use about one pork chop sliced into strips or 1/2 chicken breast. I also add a couple of shrimp to the filling if I have them. A sprinkle of red pepper, too. Then I add whatever vegetables I have to the broth for a healthy main dish. Broccoli, carrots, mushrooms water chestnuts, pea pods, canned baby corn. You can also add some strips of pork or chicken and a few shrimp to the broth, too. Also, once I fried the wontons before adding to the soup. Love em, but not as healthy...thanks for posting...

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manushag December 12, 2010

Great variation! I used canned broth and omitted the salt (personal preference). I enjoyed the addition of the spinach. Thanks for sharing!

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Starrynews November 16, 2009

We love this soup! The only thing I would do differently next time is to make a bunch more of the Won Tons to freeze for future meals. They are fiddly but once you are on a roll you might as well keep going and have some to spare. Delicious! Made for Culinary Quest 2014

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K9 Owned September 20, 2014

We love wonton soup, and this lovely recipe does not disappoint. So much flavor both in the broth and in the wontons. Made exactly as written and I wouldn't change a thing. The wontons were amazing, tender little morsels that were packed full of flavor. Thank you so much for sharing PanNan .<br/>Made for Culinary Quest 2014 - Suitcase Gourmets

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Baby Kato September 11, 2014

Loved it. Added a few red pepper flakes to the meat mixture, otherwise, made exactly as written. Thanks for a great post! : )

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Southern Sugar Dumplin January 03, 2011

Well, I'll be a hen's earlobe; better than my favorite local restaurant. Made for ZWT 6's Asian Challenge Tag.

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gailanng May 21, 2010
Wonton Soup