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It was the first time I canned salsa. It was good and I read through lots of reviews and made my own:) I replaced vinegar with apple cider vinegar, i added Chili powder, Garlic powder, red pepper flakes and 1 big red sweet pepper, cut sugar into half, cut tomato paste half. I did not have enough fresh tomatoes and so i replaced 3 cans of organic tomatoes. I did most of the chopping by processor but leave a can of tomatoes as chunky.. you have to try how hot you like by putting more or less jalapeno.. I made 3 quarters and sure will make more into smaller jars:)

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Katrina L. August 27, 2013

I'm a Salsa LOVER! So, I'm going to post this "INTENT TO MAKE"! before I DO it! :o) Then I'll be back to write my review. I'm excited to try this as my sister and I have a Salsa recipe we always use so this will be fun!! Be back Soon ! :o) Well it's SALSA day, and I'm right in the middle of cooking up a batch. I have to say right off that wow it smells and tastes GREAT!! And I haven't even added ( about to ) the tomato sauce yet. Am excited....Be back with the results...(and I am adding cilantro right at the end too.) :o) OK! It's DONE ! They are canning away. I was able to put up 7 full pints!! And it tastes soooo GOOD! Not as spicy as I'd like, but I'm also chicken when it comes to Jalapenos....next time I'll add more and some seeds to boot!------ But the flavor is definately there!! I LOVE IT! And I will definately make this again..Maybe even tomorrow!! ;o) Thanks J! Best salsa I've had and will pass this on!

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Gigi-Lee August 23, 2013

Excellent! Doubled the recipe, left the skins on, left out the sugar, halved the cumin, added 2 teaspoons of chili powder, 2 tablespoons of cayenne, 1/2 cup of chopped cilantro. So easy and looks great in the jars. Thanks for sharing this terrific keeper, recipe!

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Lucky in Bayview August 13, 2013

I love this recipe so I need video this recipe plez-

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rose butt August 03, 2013

This is the best salsa I've ever eaten, and I have tried every salsa known to man. Im serious. I didn't can the rest, I have a foodsaver so I froze the rest in bags. I ate a quart that night. Haha! Its THAT good. I didn't use canning salt since I didn't can, and instead used some pinches of table salt. I didn't have jalapeno peppers on hand so I used a dash of cayenne pepper. For the tomatoes, I used 4 large cans of the already peeled whole tomatoes. I know fresh would have been even better, but we are stationed in Japan and fresh produce is quite expensive here. Anyways, even with the canned (my hubby had turned up his nose at this idea, saying how it needed to be FRESH) it was AWESOME! It is practically guilt free, too. The sugar is minimal compared to the LARGE amount it makes. If you don't have a foodsaver, you could always put in freezer safe containers or of course if you know how to can, do that. Anyways, best salsa recipe ever. Hands down!

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asaunders03 July 22, 2013

My husband and I found this recipe several years ago and have used it ever since. We have been asked for this recipe from friends and family members you use it too. This is the best recipe and all of the reviews were extremely helpful. Do Not add the sugar if you have home grown tomatoes; they are naturally sweet enough. I do not peel the tomatoes and I use regular tomotoes (not roma's). I also use all of the tomato juice, no wasting. I have added a variety of hot peppers not just the jalepenos to give each batch a unique flavor and heat. The cumin is one of the secret ingredients that makes this recipe a hit. Thanks for a wonderful salsa recipe!

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shanda921 July 12, 2013

Good, not wonderful. I would cut the cumin a little, add a bit more heat, and definitely add cilantro as it is used.

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bryant539117 April 08, 2013

This is a perfectly acceptable Salsa recipe. I didn't find anything extroadinary about it however. It's just a good middle of the road salsa as far as I'm concerned. Nothing wrong with that!! As others suggested, I added fresh lime juice and fresh cilantro. I'm glad I did because it truly did add a freshness that I fear would be lacking without it. If I make the recipe again, I will not add the sugar...I found the sweetness to be noticeable rather than merely enhancing the flavors of the fresh vegetables. Also I don't think I would add the tomato paste either. I believe the taste of the tomato paste was noticeable as well, detracting from the flavor of the fresh vegetables as well.

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Eric in LB March 26, 2013

Excellent flavor! Bueno!

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Melanie Adrienne November 08, 2012

I appreciate finding this recipe with so many positive reviews. I've made the salsa and getting ready to can it now. I'm tired of chopping things by hand so I did run everything through the food processor. I added a bunch of cilantro because we love it and increased the cumin some. I'm in Central Oregon so I had 50 lbs of green tomatoes before the freeze. Made this batch with the ones that turned red. Thanks!

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Ms. Mother Earth October 26, 2012
Wonderful Salsa