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Yeah baby! This recipe was easy and I messed it up a bit too but everything came out TERRIIFIC! ITS FOOL PROOF... omg.. sooo tasty and delicious!! Amaze yourself. Make this recipe and you will amaze YOURSELF with your mad baking skills! My only gripe is the shape of the rolls I made came out REDICULOUS. Just awful looking things those. So here is a technique I am going to try next Sunday when I make them again! http://www.kingarthurflour.com/blog/2008/02/28/all-tied-up-shaping-kaiser-rolls/

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Chef Udo November 25, 2008

These were really, really good. I prepared this recipe "as is", letting the dough rise twice. Then I punched down I divided the dough into 4 parts, freezing 3 of them and baking 4 rolls with the last part. The dough freezes well. When I want to bake a batch, I thaw the dough overnight in the frig and complete the baking process the next morning. Quick, easy, and wonderful rolls in just over an hour.

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rfmnva November 29, 2007

This is a fantastic recipe. They turned out perfect. I will definitely make these again. Great texture on the outside and soft on the inside. Very easy recipe.

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Adrienne Chavis July 04, 2014

I made these as per directions. Everything was fine until I got to the folding part. All I ended up with was the same as chef 492487, squares! I couldn't make that roll look like a circle. After I'd put most of them on the baking sheets, I went to King Arthur.com and looked up Kaiser Rolls. The last 4 rolls some how looked fairly good. I baked them for 12 minutes, and they were a little golden in color, but some were burnt on the bottoms. As far as taste, the flavor was excellent. I put the ice cubes in a pie pan, and the tops came out chewy.The bottoms were, except for the burnt ones, nice and crisp. I will try these again, and use a different folding technique. The K.A. site shows the folding as, rolling the dough for each roll into a "rope" about 14 inches long. Then, tie a loose granny knot, then bringing the two long pieces up and over the circle that was made first by making the knot. This is basically a good recipe.

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FLUFFSTER January 07, 2011

Totally Terrific! I followed the recipe exactly and I wasn't disappointed. I had to eat one immediately with butter because they looked SO irresistible! I did freeze half the dough though since I didn't need 16 of these all at once and can't wait to see how that works out. I put sesame seeds and poppy seeds on mine and I will be using these tonight for my pulled pork that's simmering in the crock pot right now. Mmmm, I can't wait! Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe!

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SkyGlitter July 30, 2008

Thank you so much for posting this recipe. It comes highly recommended by DH and myself. Both of us are, were missing the wonderful rolls we could get around Philadelphia. If you are from the area, you will know what I mean. Wonderful rolls, crusty on the outside and soft on the inside, used for hoagies, meatballs, steak sandwiches and just plain old cold cuts. I made them yesterday for a brats dinner tonight . I changed only the shape and turned out 12, hoagie, sub style rolls and dusted with cornmeal instead of the seeds. I am going to make again tomorrow in your recommend style, to have for burgers. BTW, DH and I could not wait and sampled them with just some butter right out of the oven, delicious and just what we were craving. Thank you again.

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Nana Chickens July 23, 2008

Yum-o! WOW! I made several mistakes. I was almost done kneading the dough and realized that I had only used 1 cup of water. So I put the dough back in the bowl with the rest of the water and natually had to add more flour. After hearing about all the problems making the shape, I just made nice round balls out of them and they looked great like that. I am a regular bread maker and the texture on these rolls is fantastic. The nice caramel crunchiness on the bottom added to the light consistency of the inside is so incredible. This recipe seems to be absolutely fool proof even when you mess it up like I did. Delicious!

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MissMia February 11, 2008

Amazing! All 18 were gone within 2 days, and I have requests for more! My oven runs hot, so I had to do 400 degrees and bake for 10 minutes...in case anyone else's oven runs hot like mine. And not to nitpick, but the person who used a glass pan for the ice in their oven...no duh it shattered; it's the same reason why you never put a hot coffeepot into a snkful of cold water.

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Little Ebabydoll February 10, 2008

I made these today and they were fabulous. I even made a mistake or 2 it they were still good. I added the yeast as a powder and also added twice as much sugar by mistake as I made half a batch. Also I did not glaze them but let them rise in pan of poppy seeds. I also added ice cubes twice. This is one of my favorites.

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Arnboat February 06, 2008

this was terrible. you never said to use a metal pan in the bottom. so i used a glass one and when i went to put the ice cubes in. IT SHATTERED!!!!!! be more SPECIFIC!!!!

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The-Wanna-Be-Chef February 05, 2008
Wonderful Homemade Kaiser Rolls!