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These were outstanding! I tried them ahead for a dinner party coming up this weekend. I tried frying the first few and baked the rest. Baking was much easier and very crispy. Instead of frying just a few at a time I was able to do an entire baking sheet at a time. I baked 3 mins per side in a pre-heated 450* oven. The dipping sauce was also very good. I cannot wait to make and eat these again. A MUST TRY!

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Nancygirl September 24, 2009

I love this recipe though I do change it up just a little bit it works for me. For the frying oil I use vegetable oil only because I do not have peanut oil around the house. Second I add shredded cheese and fresh chives to the 2nd step, and also I don't fold them how it says, i just take one corner and fold to the opposite one and then press down and wave the sides a little. The folding really does not change how they come out, I just find it easier.

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ibanz652000 December 30, 2009

These were really good. I baked them as another review suggested and I think it worked out great. I will definitely make these again. Thanks!!!

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JFitz November 19, 2009
Won Ton Wrapped Chicken With Apricot Dipping Sauce