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This is a great recipe for won ton dough. I mixed it up and used my pasta roller to roll it thin, then cut it into 3" squares. Used a filling of cream cheese and chives, sealed and fried until golden. The dough is light and crunchy, decorated with crisp little air bubbles on the outside. Although buying won ton wrappers is easier, this recipe is great to have if you like doing your own. I believe it would also be very good for eggroll wrappers if rolled a little thicker for sturdiness to hold heavier fillings.

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Gigi November 21, 2003

This is so easy, and tastes great! I made mine in my food processor, which elimated the kneading step. It was so easy to handle, and was easy to roll out super thin with a rolling pin. We put cream cheese with a little garlic inside, and they were so good! Next we will try pizza roll fillings, and an apple dessert filling! Thanks so much for the great recipe!

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touchdown6 December 31, 2006
Won Ton Dough