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I made this about a week ago, but I could not review as I had to add so many other ingredients just to make it edible. Before anyone starts to think this a bad recipe, Pllleeaassse don't!!! Everything was tasting great, untill I added the curry powder and it altered the taste completely. Completely my own fault, I used my regualr curry powder and yuk, so I went to my asian store to buy some chinese style curry powder and I made it again last night, what a diference. I do not know whether chinese style is so different to regular or whether my brand was just aweful for this recipe, but just in case I would recommend trying to get a Chinese brand. Ok now I have cleared that up,to my review, this is a wonderful recipe with all the flavours coming together really well. I will say I do feel it needs more liquid for 4, I think the amount stated would be perfect for 2 but I added more coconut milk. We do like things saucy so this could just be our personal preference. I also added some king prawns on top they are on special at the moment so I thought why not. A nice light tastey recipe, that with the right curry powder is a real hit:) Thanks for sharing FT

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The Flying Chef May 26, 2008
Wok's Happening! Jimmy's Kitchen Hong Kong Style Curried Fish