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I rate quite harshly compared to most- this recipe got a compliment from DH... quite someting considering that chicken isn't his favourite choise of meat. I've given it 4 stars but will say right away that we will be working on this further (mostly becuase I didn't quite make it exactly as directed) because it *definiately* has potential to be a 5 star recipe. I miscalculated the chili peppers, (how many I bought in the shop, was not how many were left in the fridge when I came to make this) and I couldn't figure out what a "mild chili pepper" was...? sweet bell pepper maybe? everything I saw available here was labelled HOT HOT HOT. !My toasted rice went perfectly until the grinding stage, I tried it in the big food processor and then the hand blender and both times the grains just danced around the sides of the machine or the bowel, for the most part totally eluding the blades. I asked DH if I could use his battered old but perfect coffee grinder (if you know the Dutch and their coffee you will understand his unreasonable attachment to this little machine) and while he agreed and said *he* would do it... he hasn't bought himself to actually put rice into his beloved coffee grinder yet.(I may have to touch the treasured possession myself !!!)I had one lime, but felt that the flavour was so good that maybe two would have been better ? I will experiemt more once I have the full compliment of chilies and other ingredients and let you know what ends up being our favourite. The chicken was wonderful ... semi spicy but not too hot, flavourful and the lime really balanced things out better than I could have imagined from just looking at the ingredient list. A definiate recipe for my hand written family cookbook... Thanks for an excellent recipe !

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kiwidutch February 01, 2006
Wok Tossed Lime and Chilli Chicken