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Made these last night for tonight-Halloween! They are great. They look nice and creepy and actually are right tastey. They were simple to make. I did add a little more flour, maybe a 1/4 cup and baked them for about 20 minutes till slightly brown on the bottom. This will most likely be a Halloween tradition in our house. They were spooktacular!!!!!(maniacal laugh)

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beth October 31, 2003

Sorry Just reviewing now... Big Hit for Halloween. Taste great and very scarey....I added red decorateing gel on the knuckles to look like blood.

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Valerie in Australia April 05, 2004

I made a similar recipe for my 8 year old from Taste of Home- she was actually a little nervous to bring to school as they were so realistic- they were a big hit and we enjoyed making them alot! Great for kids!!!!

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JaniceJean November 08, 2003

A very good tasting cookie which people comment on

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Bruce VH November 05, 2010

These were great. I didn't have red decorating gel, so I used well-stirred raspberry jam. As the cookies were a bit dry, I served them with a bowl of stirred raspberry jam for dipping as well. They looked truly gnarly! A success all around. I might try dyeing the skinned almonds green next year, or tinting the dough slightly. As I overbaked the first batch, then underbaked the second, we had different multiracial shades of severed fingers. Next time I will try molding the dough around thin cookies or grissini breadsticks to mimic the bone as suggested by another reviewer. I think the contrast of a salted breadstick with the sweet cookie might be tasty.

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Halima Dances October 28, 2010

These were fun cookies. The market did not have the red gel, so mixed in some red food coloring with confectioners sugar instead. That worked great as it looked very blood-like and also added some nice sweetness to the cookies.

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Bow December 31, 2009

I made these for Halloween and just now realized I hadn't reviewed them yet. They were A LOT of fun for our Halloween party. People were amazed. They were deceptively easy to make, though. I made them vegan and gluten-free by subbing Earth Balance margarine for the butter, Ener-G egg replacer for the egg, and Bob's Red Mill gluten-free all-purpose flour blend for the flour. The recipe held up well to my modifications. Also, I used Allibaba's idea and subbed raspberry jam for the red decorating gel. I applied it before baking and it came out looking dark, just like dried/clotted blood! The fingers do rise during baking, so they ended up larger than I expected when molding them (but that was not a problem at all). Thanks for posting this yummy, fun recipe. I'm sure I will make it again for future Halloweens.

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Prose December 09, 2009

These were a hit with the grandkids, but at first they didn't want to try them because they looked so real. I used the sliced almonds and it really looked like fingernails. The g'children wanted to know what that was before they would eat any. The cookies were very easy to make and everyone one liked the buttery flavor. Thanks for a fun recipe.

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Nana K November 17, 2009

These were the hit of a Halloween party I went to. Every one thought they were very cool. They were so easy to make also that was a bonus.

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daisygrl64 November 02, 2009

These looked pretty cool, but they didn't turn out exactly as I had hoped. Our furnace is out at the moment, so I didn't have to chill the dough after making or rolling it, because it was already cool and easy to work with. I read all the reviews before making these, and I baked mine for 16 minutes. My store was out of red decorator's gel, so I used 1/4 cup powdered sugar and 1 tsp. water mixed with red food coloring for the blood "glue", and I just put the almonds on after the cookies were done cooling. They are still pretty crunchy and they spread quite a bit, losing some of the "knuckle effect". This cookie is probably closest to a shortbread, and they are tasty. I'm going to try them again next year, chilling after making the knuckle lines (like one reviewer suggested) and adapting the baking standard for traditional shortbread - baking at 325 for 12-15 min. Oh! How to Blanch, Split, & Sliver Almonds really helped me out with the almonds for this recipe. With a few minor tweaks, I think these will work for me. Thanks for posting!

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Greeny4444 October 31, 2009
Witchy-Poo Fingers