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We made these rolls for Freezer Tag to see if they're suitable for OAMC. First, the rolls themselves are great! These soft yeast rolls have a wonderful, smooth, light consistency, and the hint of citrus is delicious! My husband and I agree that they'd be best for us more as a coffee cake than a dinner roll (though that didn't seem to stop us from eating them both with dinner and with breakfast!). When it came to cutting the dough circles into wedges, I found that a pizza cutter worked best. And although the recipe says it makes 48 servings, it only makes 24 rolls, and I'm not sharing mine! :lol: So. . . we made the recipe as written, then, when we had shaped the rolls, we took 8 rolls and froze them on a tray (once they were frozen, we put them in a zip-top freezer bag for storage). To bake - while still frozen, we put the rolls on a parchment-lined sheet, covered, and let them thaw and rise for about 2 hours, then baked as directed. The remaining rolls, (16 of the 24) we baked immediately, as directed, and when done, we had some for dinner and froze the rest. The frozen rolls were just as good as they were fresh. So, overall, these rolls work just fine to freeze ahead, either to bake and freeze, or to freeze unbaked, then bake when needed, which takes less time when preparing, but more planning to do, but either way, they're darn tasty. :)

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KrisLady March 09, 2008
"wish I Made More" Yeast/Potato/Lem-Orange Rolls!!