Wisconsin Badger Burger

Total Time
15 mins
10 mins

This should be the "State Burger of Wisconsin"!!! I had one of these at a roadside family restaurant/bar & grill in northern WI, a couple years ago.It was GREAT!!! I've tried to replicate it & I think I'm pretty close. If you can't find bratwurst patties, remove the casing off of an uncooked bratwurst link & make a pattie out of it.(This is for just one burger)

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  1. Using a flat-top griddle, grill or frypan, --
  2. Cook the burger pattie so that it's still a bit "pink" inside & top with the cheddar cheese slice.
  3. Cook the bratwurst pattie completely through & top with the monterey jack slice.
  4. Stack both patties on the toasted bun & top with the lettuce, tomato & onion slice.
  5. Top with your favorite condiments -- I prefer just ketchup & mayo.
  6. REMEMBER: "The messier the burger, the better it is" -- ENJOY!