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I'm sorry, Rita, but no one in my family was crazy about these muffins. They were very heavy, and even with all the spices in them they somehow tasted bland. They were also not nearly as sweet as I would have liked. I did use soy buttermilk and Eggbeaters in place of the eggs, but I've made these substitutions many times without any problems.

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Kree October 10, 2003

I doubled up on the nutmeg, allspice,cloves & ginger but I think I really needed to add more sugar because I like mine sweet. I also only had yellow squash but it worked well enough. I was going to throw so cream cheese frosting on these to get my family would eat them faster but instead we split the muffins in half, buttered them & sprinkled them with cinnamon sugar. This was pretty good. I also added chocolate chips in some of the muffins & those muffins went 1st.

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Chef Lil' Momma Jenn August 29, 2007

I was making butternut squash puree for my son, so I thought I'd give this recipe a try. I found these muffins to be okay. Due to the comment about the bland flavour, I doubled all the spices except the cinnamon. I would try this recipe again, and increase the spices even more. They do smell very nice when baking & are very moist. I didn't have any orange zest, so I put in a spash (maybe 1 Tbsp or so) of orange juice. This is a nice muffin, just not that exciting on its own. I'd like to try them with the Pecan Honey Butter that Rita reccomends.

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Mouskawitz January 24, 2005

Wonderfully-spiced muffin, with great texture and will see us through the colder months. The house smelled fabulous as the muffins were baking and brought up my niece and nephew in no time to 'pay a visit'. Thanks Rita.

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evelyn/athens October 10, 2003
Winter Squash Spice Muffins