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Unbelievable, this was divine! The saffron and cinnamon filled the house with a wonderful tagine aroma. The flavours were phenomenal, I am in love with this dish! But I have a confession - I had to use canned chick peas! And I did not have 5 hours to spare, the cupboard was bare, husband due home in 1 hour, but I had all the ingredients to make this so I gambled and cheated. I rinsed the lentils, brought them to the boil in water for 10 mins, scooped off the foam, drained the water away, set lentils aside in a bowl, rinsed the pot, then put the 4 cups of broth in (I used chicken broth as it was all I had), brought it to the boil and placed the lentils back in with all the other ingredients, then let it boil/simmer on low heat for 30-40 mins - husband steps through the door, basmati rice was cooked just in time for serving. This was unbelievable, my husband loved it so much, it reminded him of trips in Morocco! Next time I plan to do this properly, but it was good to know that it would work with canned chickpeas and a shorter time provided the lentils were partially cooked in advance. Thank you so much for this recipe.

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maplecottage October 31, 2008

Loved it over rice. Great flavor.

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adopt a greyhound April 14, 2015

This was pretty good for something different. I definitely think the peanuts help to give a different consistency and the fresh cilantro adds a nice touch. I did forget to put in the lime. Thanks for helping me try something different!

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StacyMD187373 April 18, 2013

Wonderful recipe - but next time I'll definitely leave out the lime. I was totally in love with the dish when I tasted it for salt before adding the lime. Then after adding the lime I was disappointed because I felt like the acidity overwhelmed the delicate flavors of saffron and squash. It was so lovely before the lime, and that's probably just me. I used shortcuts because I only had an hour - frozen butternut squash, Indian garlic-ginger paste and canned chickpeas, minute brown rice. Sauteed the onions, carrots then the garlic-ginger paste and spices, then added the rest and simmered for about 35 min. Will definitely make again thanks for the keeper!

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lolablitz April 04, 2013

My family was doing a Vegan for a month challenge. This is, unfortunately, the recipe that ended that challenge two weeks shy of a month. It was nice, but it's definitely not something I could serve my family of 'white bread' tastes. Personally I loved it, especially with some hot sauce, that seemed to really make this dish stand out for me, and it did smell very good throughout the house while cooking, but I will have to reduce the recipe down to one serving the next time I make it I guess. I also used canned chickpeas with no problems.

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ChloeBaby November 29, 2012

Yum! Delicious and something different! I was out of saffron and substituted turmeric.

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Brooke's Kitchen March 12, 2012

I enjoyed it, though no one else in the family would eat it. Some thought the flavors were weird and didn't go well together. It is definitely better with the cilantro and lime juice.

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Amber Dawn January 05, 2010

Delicious! We forgot about adding the peanuts & cilantro before eating, but it great anyway. Interesting mix of flavors.

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kitkat 2 November 29, 2009

oooh this was so good. i made it on the stove and let it simmer for about an hour. the squash cubes turned all buttery soft and melted into the broth. didn't have any peanuts on hand, so i just added about a tsp of peanut butter to each bowl. loved the lime juice at the end!! much a cilantro fan as i am, next time i'll use a little less. didn't need rice because the stew was hearty enough! thank you so much for sharing this delicious recipe!

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groovyrooby October 18, 2009

Excellent! i will make it again, but next time add a tad more ginger or something to give it more kick - the lime and cinnamon were strong, and i felt it needed more balance on the other end. I used canned chickpeas, but hope to do it with dried next time! Took 3.5 hours on the high setting in the crock pot. I was out of rice and couscous, so I whipped up some risotto and served it over that. Decadent! Jasmine rice though next time. :) I have a feeling this will be great leftover tomorrow when the flavors have really melded. Thanks!

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aspiringourmet March 31, 2009
Winter Squash, Chickpea & Red Lentil Stew