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Excellent mix of tastes and textures. Made it for Christmas dinner and everyone loved it. I will be making this one again!

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Chef Bob #99 December 28, 2010

very tasty. I ran out of time at the last minute and had to throw it together out of what I had on hand - so I didn't make it quite as directed. (missed out the shallots altogether. used brown sugar instead of corn syrup, used a mixed pack of salad leaves, and used feta instead of blue cheese & honey instead of maple syrup). However, even with those changes the guests raved about it..

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Miriam B December 28, 2009

Great salad. I served for Christmas dinner, and it was loved by everyone. I used red onion instead of the shallots, and romaine instead of the bibb. I also subed feta cheese for the blue cheese, as I dont care for blue cheese. And I doubled the amount of dried cranberries, since I love them. It was nice to have a light tasting salad to go with a heavy meal.

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Megan's Mommy July 27, 2007

Wow! This was one of the best salads I've had in a long, long time. With the blend of colors it looks as good as it tastes, too. I couldn't find watercress so omitted it; in retrospect, I think fresh spinach would be a good sub for that and will definitely try that next time. The only other change in my salad was to substitute crumbled feta for the blue cheese, as I was not among blue cheese afficianados, lol. It worked very well and had a mellower flavor than the blue cheese would have, allowing the other toppings (especially the cranberries and pecans) to really shine. I wasn't exactly sure what result I was looking for when baking the pecans but after 45 minutes they were crisp and light and the coating had turned to something like a light toffee (and smelled divine) so I stopped there. They were SO good that the kids and I were having a hard time not eating them all while they were cooling. (Hint: do not let the pan/spoon cool down too much before you wash/soak them because that syrup hardens into stone, lol.) A full cup of pecans seemed like a bit much once we got to putting them on the lettuce so I used closer to 1/2-3/4 c and have saved the rest back for other salads. This has gone straight to the top of my salad recipes, especially during the holiday season when I have to take things for dinner parties. Thanks so much for posting this beautiful and tasty recipe!

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winkki November 25, 2005
Winter Salad