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I used Rice-A-Roni "rice pilaf" and did not use the craisins. It tasted very good and my husband enjoyed it. I would advise you cook 25-30 minutes and 5-10 minutes once you have the cheese on top. I would make this again.

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mapasmurf April 08, 2002

I found this recipe many years ago from Good Housekeeping Magazine. I have made this many times, and am a big fan of it. It is quick and delish. Mapasmurf, it makes a big difference in the rice you use, and you didn't add the cranberries. Uncle Bens with the wild rice and you may have given it 5 stars. The ONLY thing I have changed up over the years is I found I prefer a colby cheese or a creamy cheese like colby mixed with cheddar. I also would double the rice because I have teenage boys to feed, and they gobble the stuff up. Glad to see it here.

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scwheeler24 December 06, 2010

This recipe was FANTASTIC!!!! I got a huge package of pork chops on sale this afternoon so I was looking for a couple of different ways to cook them this week! The cinnamon seasoning intrigued me so I gave it a try! That is the most amazing flavor!! I can't wait to try it on chicken. I did change a few things since I didn't have everything that it called for. I substituted 2 cups of regular wild rice for the uncle bens, 2 cups chicken stock for the apple juice (didn't have apple juice) and ran out of onion so I just put 4 cloves garlic. It was definately a keeper!! Thanks for sharing! We all loved it!

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sconehead March 11, 2008

This recipe was excellent....although I did change a lot of the ingredients because I didn't have what the original recipe had on hand. The only rice mixture I had was Zatarain's Dirty rice mix. I didn't add any extra onions because the rice mix already had onions in it, so I sauteed 8 oz. of sliced mushrooms. I also didn't have any apple juice, so I used Knudsons Cranberry/Pomegranite juice which was actually very good with it...gave the rice kind of a spicy sweet taste. My husband is not a big rice lover, but he said "it wasn't bad" but he did like the pork chops. Thanks for a great recipe Mysterygirl.

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Denise in NH January 22, 2007

I used rice pilaf also, it was very good!

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JadesGoodEatin October 30, 2006

Excellent! We loved the flavour of the apple juice with the hint of cinnamon. I did not use the craisins, and had to use mozzarella cheese as I was out of cheddar, but it was still terrific! Very easy, well written recipe. Thanks MG!!

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~Leslie~ October 29, 2006

This was very tastey! I did make a couple of changes. I doubled the rice mix as I had 6 pork loin chops (I had 8 total - but only 6 fit in the skillet) - I only had Rice Pilaf mix, so I used that. I omitted the onion, and left out craisins (small kids!) and proceeded as directed except I needed 4 cups total liquid - so I used 1 chix stock, 2 water and 1 apple juice. I had seasoned my chops prior to browning with salt, pepper, garlic (Adobo seasoning) and the cinnamon! This was a really simple dish to put together, and so different. I am really glad I tried this Thank you!

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pixiesmom January 18, 2006

I used pork chops that had been a teriaki marinade all day so I did not use the salt and cinnamin. I used a turbo cooker, first I browned the pork chops, then cooked up the onions with some garlic, and then added the apple juice and Rice-a-Roni. After it started boiling I put the pork chops back in. I cooked it in the turbo cooker for about 16 min. I did not add the cheddar cheese. My husband and I loved them. I would like to try and make the pork chops a little juicier next time. But there will definitely be a next time!

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Penguin Mama February 23, 2005

This is a very tasty and unusual pork chop casserole. To make it a little less sweet I used 1 cup of apple juice and 1 cup of chicken broth. I also used the craisins (this gives the dish a great color contrast to the wild rice and a bit of a tart taste that off sets the swwetness of the cinnamon and apple juice). I followed the rest of the directions exactly but found that it took about 40 minutes for the rice to cook and absorb all of the liquid. The chops tasted great and were very tender. DH and I both liked it very much, but the DD's didn't like the cheese on top and thought a rice pilaf would taste better than the wild rice. All in all this is a great meal, Mystergirl. Thanks for posting.

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Denise in da Kitchen February 09, 2005

Wonderful! The sweetness from the apple juice balanced the saltiness from the rice mix perfectly. The cinnamon seasoning and the cheddar cheese topping gave dull pork chops a new personality. I served this with buttered green beans.

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Richard-NYC January 01, 2005
Winter Pork Chops