Winter Fruit Salad With Lemon Poppy Seed Dressing

Total Time
25 mins
0 mins

I had this at a friends house & had to have the recipe. Everyone I have made it for begs for the recipe. Everyone just loves this!

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  1. In a blender or food processor, combine sugar, lemon juice, onion, mustard and salt.
  2. Process until well blended.
  3. With machine still running add oil in a slow steady stream until mixture is thick and smooth.
  4. Add poppy seeds and process just a few seconds more to mix.
  5. In a large serving bowl combine the romaine lettuce, shredded swiss cheese, cashews, dried cranberries, cubed apple and cubed pear.
  6. Toss to mix then pour dressing over salad just before serving and toss to coat.
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This is so very yumpy! I took this to a small birthday party this weekend, and it was a huge hit! The dressing is awsome, to say the very least! I used a combintion of romaine and spinach. I will be making this again, that is for sure! Thanks for the great recipe Ivy!!!

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I made this for a birthday party and then for a barbeque and everyone loved it. The salad has a wonderful crunch to it and the dressing is amazing. When you make this be prepared to be asked for the recipe.

I have NEVER had such a response to a salad as I did to this one! Everyone I have ever made it for has asked for the recipe. Not only is it easy AND is so pretty! I added fancy, curly lettuce and spinach to the sald (in addition to the romaine), which just made it even better--and there was still plenty of dressing to coat the additional amount of greens. This salad is one of the reasons I just love this site.