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This is a delightful fruit salad, and not just for winter! Used a combination of canned fruits from the pantry, and fresh apricots and peaches from the garden. Really tasty, a great combination of flavors! Thanks Jess4Freedom. Made for Summer Salads in the Photos forum.

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BecR June 25, 2009

Size of cans for fruit seems off. I read 2 1/2 pound cans for some of fruit. That totals over 8-9 pounds of fruit and only serves six servings. I just used two cans pineapple and one each of 15 oz cans of other fruits. With pudding mixed in, it measured over 8 cups of salad. Not sure your serving size but this was plenty for 12 people at our dinner.

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Betty R. November 23, 2014
Winter Fruit Salad