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Mirj truly never lets me down! This was so delicious and is actually the first time in my life that I've ever enjoyed figs, believe it or not. This was a cross between fruit salad and a tropical haroset. It is great for this time of year when citrus is just about all that's in season. I used concord grape juice instead of wine and it was still terrific, though I can imagine it being even yummier with wine. I can't wait to enjoy leftovers for lunch today. One critique: The instructions say "Squeeze juice from juice oranges" but there are no "juice oranges" called for in the ingredient list, nor does it let me know if I should be squeezing one of the navel oranges. I found this confusing, as well as the fact that the recipe calls for 8 navel oranges and 2 "oranges". I ended up using 8 navel oranges and 2 mandarin oranges, and squeezing lime juice instead of orange juice over the fruit salad... and it worked wonderfully!

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What's Cooking? March 07, 2007
Winter Fruit Salad