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Thank you so much for posting this recipe for bird food. I made it this morning and fed the birds. I'm sure it was equivalent to "Biryani" for them because they seemed to really love it(I can tell because it was gone very quickly!). I made some more in the afternoon too and tomorrow or day after, I'm going to go feed it to the birds at Lake Lily Park in memory of OzMartha(SilentCricket). Thanks again for the delicious treat on behalf of the birdies:-) UPDATE: As promised, I made this and took it to the Lake Lily Park this afternoon and guess what - I not only fed many different species of birds(one of which was a CRANE!!!), but this pudding was enjoyed even by a very cute little squirrel!! He was the sweetest of 'em all and I tell you, he "loved" this more than I will ever be able to convey to you:-) Also, I fed some of this to the tortoises, ducks and fishes in the water of the park! You are the sweetest Zaar angel to have posted this treat! A HUGEEEEE THANK YOU!!!

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Charishma_Ramchandani March 05, 2004
Winter Bird Pudding (bird food)