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Prep 1 min
Cook 1 min

Make a bad tasting wine palatable. A great thing to remember at parties. This is an old trick I learned in bartending school (which helped pay my way through college). Recipe adopted 8/2006.

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  1. Use a fresh-cut wedge of either lemon or lime to attend to a wine with a taste you do not care for.
  2. I do not recommend using more than 3 to 4 drops per glass because this may make the wine's flavor worse.
  3. This remedy has saved me at many dinner parties.
  4. Cheers!
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These work really well. Cant beleive I have not reviewed this before now. So sorry! I have been using your tips here since last summer. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for the tip FitQueen, I didn't have a poorly tasting glass of wine but this tip did enhance the flavour very nicely.

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Pretty nifty... (Although bringing my own bottle solves this problem =) )