Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 0 mins

I have been using this method for 30 years, no more thin runny whipped cream and your whipping cream will hold up for days this, is fabulous on cakes --- for 2 cups whipping cream use 2 tsp gelatin in 2 tbsp cold water.


  1. In a small pan, combine gelatin and cold water; let stand until thick.
  2. Place over low heat, stirring constantly, just until the gelatin dissolves.
  3. Remove from heat; cool (do not allow it to set).
  4. Whip the cream with the icing sugar, until slightly thick.
  5. While slowly beating, add the gelatin to whipping cream.
  6. Whip at high speed until stiff.
Most Helpful

We all know cream whips better when cold but here the gelatin mixture isn't. When gelatin hits cold cream it sets....globs. I've found tempering the gelatin with a few tablespoons of the cream first (mix a few TBL of room temp cream with the gelatin mixture before adding to the cold cream) will prevent the "instant set" when gelatin hits a bowl of chilled cream. <br/><br/>The recipe is sound, it works and certainly doesn't deserve negative reviews. Just saying.

BootsMcGhee October 12, 2013

Another winner, Kitten. I may have done something wrong, but my cream wouldn't whip past the very soft peak stage. I was hoping for something a teeny bit firmer. In the end, it tasted wonderful and frosted my patriotic red, white and blue cake just fine and I'm so happy to have the cake finished and in the refrigerator so that I can concentrate on the rest of our Memorial Day feast. Thank you once again!

Yia Yia May 31, 2010

Used on a chocolate cream pie and the whipped cream held up without a problem for several days. Only problem I had was my fault. Not sure it I allowed the gelatin to cool and firm up too much, but I had chunks of gelatin in the finished product. Will use this recipe again, and do a better job incorporating the gelatin next time. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

LonghornMama November 28, 2009