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Recipe by Dienia B.

pickle recipe that uses alum it is one of those crock pickle recipe that takes awhile to make it uses large cukes i am guessing what will fill 1 1/2 gallons

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  1. im writing recipe as written here.
  2. use large cucumber.
  3. peel and slice 1/4 to1/2 inch thick.
  4. take out seeds
  5. soak 3 days in brine of 1 1/2 cups salt to 1 gallon water making sure to have weighted plate on so no pickles pop up will mold in this method
  6. drain well
  7. soak in alum water for 3 days
  8. fresh each day
  9. that is 1 tablespoon alum to gallon of water
  10. drain in alum water
  11. add alum size of walnut until clearness of pickle
  12. drain real well
  13. vinegar solution is rest of ingredients
  14. pour over cucumbers for 3 days
  15. then heat together and put in jars and seal makes 11/2 gallon can be colored red or green for holidays.

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