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This is one of my absolute favorite recipes. Everytime I have made if for coworkers or family they have been amazed at this dish. In an attempt to make this a little lighter, I've changed my version to 1 cup of whipping cream and 2 cups of milk, and I use 2% milk. I've also used dried herbs if I don't have fresh available. It's still fabulous. Definitely a dinner side dish, not a dessert. NOTE: I just made this again, and this time I used all button mushrooms, and 1 cup half & half and 2 cups skim milk. It definitely tastes better with the wild mushrooms, but it was still good with the regular mushrooms (and was fine with the changes to lighten it up).

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Karen67 July 28, 2007

I just made this again for part of our holiday meal. It is always a favorite. I do not use as much mushroom as called for. Try this paired with the filet of beef with Gorgonzola sauce recipe from the Barefoot Contessa. Amazing!!

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mkghormley December 30, 2012

Wow. Easy, flavorful, and delicious. I used 2 teaspoons of granulated garlic, extra mushrooms and 8 ounces of mixed Italian cheeses. It was a huge hit at the office potluck (I just LOVE taking unusual things to those!)

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mollypaul November 21, 2007
Wild-Mushroom Bread Pudding