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My husband and I have had such fun with this. We've actually let it age an extra few days - tried it tonight - it's quite good. I'm wondering if the same general recipe would work with other fruits for strawberry wine, blackberry wine, etc. We're gonna give it a shot. I think this would make an excellent Sangria sort of drink as well now that it's to the drinking stage.

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Bogey'sMom October 31, 2002

This recipe is great, it does take time but it is well worth it. My husband named this "red lightening". It was real strong but good flavor.

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KAY E October 16, 2002

so far its going great. the problem was bottling before fermentation was complted. like the other author said leave corks or lid on loose but not to loose.

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dsampson001 September 18, 2007

The problems that you people have had ad basic. Most wines I have made and most readings about it say that it takes about a month. Never bottle if still fermenting. Also I use glass bottles to ferment in with a water valve on top. My mom used a 20 gal. crock with a board and rock on top. I have also used 5 gal buckets with a valve on the side. You can poor it out without getting the lees if it is high enough. Its not that tough. pooring it out due to expodeing bottles.. what a waist. It was still making wine. Try letting it ferment for about 3 weeks then transfer the liquid to another bottle and throw the rest. If you want to make it stronger add some more sugar at this point. NOTE: If you add too much at this point it will foam all over.. dont try to stop it from foaming. I had it all over the walls and the wifes china cabnet.. and the ceiling as the boy child laft and said he was going to tell mom.. I think she saw it befor he told. It was a blast to make and it was really strong but tasted great. If you are short on grape this time of year I used frozen juice mixes. If it takes 4 container to make 4 gallens of juice add 5 container. The cranapple from Oceansprey makes a great wine. Also makes a great vocano looking mess if you add too much warm watter and sugar mix on the 3rd week.. Have fun with it... I get most of my stuff from a place called Brew and Grow in Fridley Minnesota. Louis

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screweeee December 23, 2006

Those who don't like the taste, try using wine makers' yeast and dump a packet directly into the juice and forget the piece of bread to float it. Bread makers' yeast will work in a pinch, but wine makers' will ferment more fully and tolerate higher alcohol levels. Secondly, trying using heavy plastic wrap instead of a dish towel and secure it with a rubber band, as it is better at letting fermentation gases out and keeping airborne matter out. Third, try siphoning the wine from one non-metal container to another and discard any sediment at the base. Sediment is the sepnt residual sugars, etc... that fall out during fermentation. Siphoning also reduces oxydizing which ruins most wines. Lastly, those who have had bottles explode should make extra certain that all fermentation has stopped or take the extra step and use 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. of potassium sorbate per gallon of must to stabilize the must prior to transferring to bottles. Take care and good luck.

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fhamptonjr October 25, 2005

I made this recipe last year with concord grapes from the garden and the final product ended up being too sweet. This year I plan on cutting the sugar down by at least half. Otherwise, the wine was very good and seemed to have a rather high alcohol content. :) As another reviewer found out the hard way, this is a *sparkling* wine (at least initially), so don't cap the bottles tight. Leave lids/corks loose as the wine will continue to produce CO2 gas for several weeks after being bottled. After it has aged for a while the fizziness will go away.

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cwrsp October 21, 2005

I hate to leave such a low review, especially since there are so many good ones but this wine did not turn out well at all! I followed your directions exactly and even went over them several times to make sure I was doing it correctly. We picked two baskets of Mustang grapes and made 2 1/2 gallons of wine in a huge crock. We bottled the wine to give as gifts and 6 bottles exploded sending wine all over my kitchen. Lets just say I was not happy at all to be cleaning up sticky red wine off the ceiling, floor, wallpaper, table, chairs, and dog - six different times!!! We finally decided to take them outside and open them up and dump them as we knew the others would eventually explode as well. The wine smelt like wine and tasted more like grape juice before being bottled. However, after a week of being bottled the wine did not taste like wine nor grape juice. It had a very acidic, fizzy taste to it and seemed to be more bubbles than wine when poured into a glass. I definitely will try a different method for wine next time around.

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Kim D. July 12, 2005

Oh, my goodness!The other reviewer was right....this is a fun thing to do! We used Pink Reliance grapes from our back yard garden. One vine produced a bushel of wonderful, pink seedless grapes. After making fourteen pints of luscious pink grape jelly, we looked for something to do with the rest of the grapes....and found this recipe. It does make a sweet wine. Next, year, if the grape vine is productive again, I believe we will cut down on the amount of sugar and see what results we get. Thanks, Gramma Pat, for such a good recipe!

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NoSpringChicken September 29, 2003
Wild Grape Wine