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Hey Firemandave, this was AWESOME! I used ground turkey, (it's all I had) instead of beef and pork; and instead of whisking the flour/cornstarch into the hot water, I sprinkled it over the cooked meat and stirred it until the meat was thoroughly coated. I set the meat aside and put the water into a big pot; I whisked the tomato paste, vinegar, and the rest of the dry ingredients into the pot of water, carefully scooped the meat mixture into the water mixture and stirred it until it came to a boil. Then, I followed the rest of your directions to simmer it for an hour.

The reason I did that thing with the flour/cornstarch and the meat is so it wouldn't lump in the water. It works great. :) Thanks for posting this recipe. It's really fabulous! Where I live the closest Wienerschnitzel is 4 hours away. *sad face* You should post more recipes since this one was so amazing!!

Okay, I have to chime in again... I made so much of this yummy stuff last night that we were able to have it for lunch today, too. This time I poured it over tortilla chips and topped it with shredded cheese and they made the BEST nachos! I'm afraid I'm in love with this recipe!

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Piper Lee November 19, 2011

Fireman Dave, I can't wait to try your recipe. My family is from West Virginia where chili dogs are a BIG thing. I have recipes that are over 100 yrs old and they ALL say not to brown the burger/meat first, just cook it in the water and mash it. Try this and see what you think. I know it seems weird but my family has been doing it for years. Suz H

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Suz H May 30, 2013

The consistency and texture of the chili is definitely correct. But the flavor and recipe is not quite exactly like the original. I guess that's why it is a secret! I tried adding a 1/4 tsp. of Turmeric to the recipe (which I think is the key secret ingredient and it made a big difference), 1/4 tsp. of ground oregano and 1/8 tsp. of MSG (I know, I know...but if you think about it I'm sure they put this stuff in the original and it was only one study done 20 years ago- look it up).<br/><br/>I also upped the amount of Chili powder to 8 tbsp. (which made it a bit spicier and I feel also made a very big difference) , upped the amt. of garlic powder to 1 teaspoon, and the cumin to 2 teaspoons. I also used Kosher sea salt. <br/><br/>I would also add 2 Tbsp. of vegetable oil to the recipe, to be used to saute the ground meat. (I always season the meat with salt & pepper, as well.<br/><br/>Optional, try adding 1/8 tsp. of ground clove (which I think makes it even better).<br/><br/>By adding these other ingredients and upping some of the ingredients, I feel it's a bit closer to the original recipe. It's a good chili recipe but felt it needed just a little more.....umph.

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The Mastermind 1 September 27, 2014

Need to lose the sugar, most of it if not all. Tastes like a dessert. I will do it again with no sugar and more chili powder. And NO!, I did not mistake TBSP for TBS. It will be good.

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David B. February 03, 2014

I gave this 5 stars because i could not give it 6 great sauce have been looking for a good chili sauce and now i have a keeper just finished the sauce and will be having chili cheese italian sausages on brioche hot dog buns really is very good thanks for the recipe <br/><br/> thanks firemandave

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papa bob May 05, 2013

Great recipe! Tastes very much like the real thing. Use the exact amounts firemandave suggests. I got a little "heaping" with the chili, and it is just a bit bitter. The only change I will make next time is to cut the sugar by half. I know I just won't miss it. I also simmered mine for an hour with the lid off to reduce it by about 1/4. Comes out really creamy and perfect for slopping on top of nearly anything! I worked at DW in the early 1970's, and I am hooked for life. But, making them at home is so much better. Thanks firemandave!

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Tim.A July 29, 2012

If I could give this 1/8 a star I would - If Der Wienerschnitzel used this chili recipe they would have gone out of business in a month - bland - floury tasting - very disappointing - I tried adding extras (salt & sugar) didn't matter. This stuff is nasty - I was planning on chili-cheese dogs for dinner - not it will be just dogs - there is no saving this so called chili - I followed the recipe exactly as listed - stirred frequently so it wouldn't burn - now I still have to dump the pot because it is gross. Lot of work for nothing. Wish Someone else would have reviewed this recipe before I wasted so much time and food on it
Sad in Tukwila. WA

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dewie1122 July 28, 2012
Wienerschnitzel Chili (As Close As You Will Find)