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These are very delicious! Very moist, a good brownie. I made ours with caramel praline ice-cream and with a caramel topping and they were extra good! :P Thank you!

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chloethecook May 06, 2010

This is really a great brownie recipe. Very fast and easy. Hubby thinks I spent a long time on these :)
Thanks for sharing!!

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yedenmatka February 06, 2011

My daughters were craving brownies but it was 10pm so they wanted to whip up something quick. I did a quick 'Zaar search and found this one. Perfect! Moist, chewy brownies that were very good--and quick & easy!

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HisPixie July 04, 2008

I forgot to say THANK YOU! for sharing this recipe. I rate this recipe a perfect 10! =)

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katdaise May 28, 2012

Wish I could give 10 stars! I "needed"/wanted to make brownies on Sunday and didn't feel like going to town -- found this recipe and was pleasantly surprised at how wonderful and PERFECT these turned out. I made exactly as noted with no additions and came out great. I did bake a tad too long as I did not hear oven timer go off -- but hubby said he likes the "burnt edges" -- still fabulous! Making 2nd batch tonite as the pan was empty! Also notable is that I did not use a mixer -- just used a large spoon and stirred -- about 75 strokes -- batter was smooth enough to pour. Thanks for posting.

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Trixie735 March 23, 2011

these were so easy and very, very good! a keeper!

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kimberlyr March 28, 2009

I'm sorry, these brownies were a huge disappointment. They were very easy to make and the texture was great, but there was almost no chocolate flavor. If you close your eyes while eating one, it's hard to even tell if it's a brownie. Maybe if you load stuff on top of them for a brownie sundae (whip cream, fudge syrup, nuts, etc) then it won't matter if the brownie itself has hardly any flavor. In the end though, I didn't want to waste the calories that way so just threw them out--not even DH wanted any.

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AJ_Seattle January 15, 2013

Let me set the scene: It's a cold, rainy, Friday night. Me and seven others are huddled around the table; them playing Dungeons and Dragons, me trying to write an essay (To what extent did the British experience of war lead to a 'levelling of class'?--Just in case you're interested) I'm staring at pages and nothing is going in when suddenly, an epiphany hits! I open up Google Chrome, other web browsers are available, and search for brownie recipes.There, towards the bottom of the page, but not so low down that I disregard it, it this page. I check the ingredients, I have them all! I check the reviews, glowing, not a bad word said. I reach for my bowl and combine all the stuffz.....in the right order. Into the tin and into the oven!!! 30 minutes later, I open the oven to a wave of sweet brownie aroma and set them aside to cool. Another 10 minutes go by, long, harrowing minutes, I take my knife and slice a piece away...I put it in my mouth....and......OILY AS HELL!!! This sludgy mass of, barely, chocolately mush, congealed in my mouth. It was awful. I spat it back out disgust and turned to my peers in my outrage and declared the awaited brownies a disaster! I then took a piece of kitchen cloth and press it onto the 'brownies' only to find it was immediately seeped with the foul substance. I can no longer even look at them, I don't know how I'll ever trust a brownie again! My peers, being students however, regarded them as being, 'not bad' once you get past the oil.

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OilyAsHell December 07, 2012
Wicked Easy Fudge Brownies