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Wow!! This is a really lovely cake. I followed the recipe to the letter. Perfect! It did not go down in the centre even though the recipe said it might.

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Chef Navidad April 18, 2011

THIS is true carrot cake heaven!!! This is actually the closest I've ever come to my grandmother's recipe EVER. The only thing I added (sorry :)) was tea soaked rasins and some nutmeg and truely I was seeing my grandmother sitting in her rocker saying "have another piece dear, you're soo thin" (thats not a problem anymore :/) Oh, and I also made it "gluten free for my kids, too. Just sub 1 1/2c. corn flour for the all-purpose, and add 4tsp baking soda and 2 tsp baking powder, and 2 tbsp more oil. They ate it all without a complaint!

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MAMASARAH January 25, 2010

Words are overrated....you have to make this cake!!
I can't keep my husband away from it!!!
He's already asking me when I'm going to bake another one and this ones not even gone yet.
Only thing I changed was I omited the coconut, like ROV CHEF said didn't want to muddle the flavours.
My little ones are not crazy about chunks of nuts in their cakes either so whenever I bake any type of cake I simply grind the nuts I want to use into a powder and add it in at the end, noone can tell there are nuts in it and this way my little ones get the nutritional value.
This is our new family favourite...thanks Lennie.

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ElenaLA July 07, 2011

Amazing! Bloody marvellous!!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY EAST TO MAKE and has the best results!!!! left out walnuts as i knew my little ones would not be keen and we did not miss them even though I love walnuts. I know this will be made over and over.Planning on it for my easter cake this year.I did a 2 layer cake (2 round pans)with the frosting in the middle-yummeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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cardamomstars April 06, 2011

this was amazing! i had never made a carrot cake but made one for mothers day. all the mothers loved it and were impressed with it. I find i have to add some of the pineapple juice to get the batter the right consistency, or the batter is too dry. i also baked in two 9 inch rounds. update: i have made this cake a few times now and wanted to add you can safely reduce the sugar to around 1 cup, especially if you frost the cake it is still plenty sweet enough.

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adamwa July 07, 2010

this is the first carrot cake i have ever made. easy recipe to follow, nice moist cake. a little oily and heavy though. also the shredded coconut makes it not the easiest or prettiest to cut. i think im just not a fan of the coconut and pineapple in a carrot cake. im sure alot of people would love this, but im just not one of them.

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DomesticatedDiva April 22, 2011

I just made this cake and I have to say it is so good. I added rasins to my cake, I chopped baby carrots fine and added them instead of shredded carrots. I was worried this would make the cake too heavy and would sink in the middle. The cake turned out great. 45 minutes was just the right amount of cook time. The only gripe I had was there was a slight salt taste. I will for sure make this cake again along with the frosting (which was so good)Next time I will half the salt. Thank you for posting such an easy recipe, that looks and tasts like I spent all day in the kitchen!

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Ashley Brinkerhoff April 11, 2011

i have always thought of myself as a non-baker... no matter what i do, everything i BAKE turns out mediocre, but i followed this recipe to the "t" and it was the BEST cake i have ever had. NOT MADE, but HAD!!! I was so proud of myself, and so glad I tried this recipe! Anyone can make this WONDERFUL cake!!!!! : )

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reedkm February 04, 2011

OMG...What a cake!!!!! I made this for my husband and new daughter-in-laws birthday today and wow---it was heaven. I have never had success with any cake recipe and usually buy birthday cakes, well, until now. So now we have to wait until Feb. to make this again. It is so moist and favourful. I added a touch more cinnamon and allspice, but other that that it was so perfect. Made it into a layer and I am so proud---just like a cake from a bakery......kudos to food. com for yet another huge success to make me into a gourmet cook. YES!

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crazee4cookin September 26, 2010

Does this recipe REALLY need a 300th review? YES! It's THAT good! I've had this in my cookbook forever, and why I'm just now getting around to it, I don't know. But I'm sooo glad I did, this is incredible! I did cut the oil with applesauce (3/4 c applesauce, 1/4 oil), used only one cup of sugar, and some frozen sliced carrots that someone had given us. I tossed those int he food processor and added them in. The pineapple didn't get drained, thanks to my overeager little helpers,s o the cake was 'slightly' tough (could be from their enthusiastic stirring too!). I baked this in 2 9" rounds, stacked with a layer of icing int he middle, and we ooh'd, ahh'd and moaned in ecstacy through the whole thing. There wasn't a crumb left..and they all want to have another this weekend! Thanks so much for posting this jewel!

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eknecht February 05, 2010
Why-I-Joined-Zaar Carrot Cake