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This recipe makes a delicious loaf of bread. I halved the recipe and made the bread by hand. I added an additional 2 tsp. of gluten and small pinch of extra yeast to compensate for being kneaded by hand rather than in a mixer. It would have looked better if I had a smaller loaf pan to make in it, rather than my 9.5 X 4.5 inch. I am still happy with it though. I have to admit that the smell of balsamic vinegar that came off the dough while I kneaded it was a little off putting. Honestly I didn't expect much from this bread. I was totally wrong. The bread has a really nice, simple but good flavor. It's not at all sour. A person would probably have to ask what acid was used in it as the balsamic flavor is not striking. But it's very nice. The bread is dense but not heavy. It's slighty moist because of the yogurt. The rye flavor is not very pronounced. In a nutshell, you might call this a pleasant, interesting wheat bread with a texture more like rye bread. It makes a tasty loaf without the use white flour. That is not easily done. For that reason alone I will likely come back to this recipe in the future. I plan to serve open faced egg salad sandwiches on it. Thanks for sharing this recipe chefSAHM.

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maryandkevinaz September 26, 2014
Whole Wheat & Rye Yogurt Flax Bread