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I have to say this will be a staple in my apartment now. I read the reviews about how this isn't sweet and is more of a quick bread, and I have to agree, but it is DELICIOUS. I used molasses instead of honey. I used a cup of oats bc I had no oat bran. I used all baking powder - no soda. Didn't have flax seeds and absent-mindedly used vegetable oil instead of olive. But it still turned out great! I will never buy wheat bread again. This is perfect for breakfast, a snack or a side dish. It's so easy to make I think I will just keep it on hand all the time! : )

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Morganne May 05, 2010

I followed Chef #398288's suggestions and upped the serving size to 16 so I could bake it in a bundt pan. I also added toasted walnuts. Both suggestions are good. It looked very nice. This is NOT sweet and I would hesitate to even call it "cake." It's really a quick bread. I did add 1/4 cup brown sugar because I wanted it to be slightly sweet. Even with that, it was still not very sweet. I served this to guests (most on Weight Watchers), and they all said it tasted good (ONLY because of how healthy it was). A few people took a slice home to eat for breakfast. One person suggested drizzling honey over the top or serving it with lemon yogurt. This is worth trying once. Oh, and it does taste better the next day!

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ShaGun February 23, 2008

I increased the recipe to 16 servings, baked this cake in a very fancy 10 cup bundt form, and it was wonderful! It took about 58 minutes to bake. Instead of the 5 1/3 eggs recommended, I used 6 eggs, and also added a cup of chopped walnuts for extra taste and nutrition. It was so good that I would bring it to a holiday occasion. One tip...this cake tastes so much better when it is allowed to sit for a few hours after baking.

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tmaeurer December 01, 2006

This is a wonderful recipe. I love that it uses whole grains and olive oil which makes it a nutritious snack. It had a great flavor and everyone in who tried it loved it!

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Collegegal Baker November 13, 2006

Very good! I used water instead of apple juice, added a little extra water and subbed splenda for honey, left out the flax (we didn't have any) and ran some oatmeal through my blender to sub for the oat bran. Also left out the cinnamon and nutmeg. Even with all of these changes, it was a great cake- reminded me of banana bread, and I know I'll make it again :)

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Random Rachel July 15, 2006

We really enjoyed this. I wouldn't take it to somewhere I was supposed to bring a dessert, but I'll definitely make it to eat at home many more times. We ate half of it before it could cool. It smells heavenly while cooking. It's not too sweet at all, but it did satisfy my desire for a dessert. It was nice to have a dessert & not feel guilty about eating it. Thanks for this great recipe.

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CaramelPie May 01, 2006
Whole Wheat Oat Pound Cake