Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 10 mins

This recipe uses all natural healthy ingredients, should be good for any diet. Our family loves these, we have tried them with strawberry and blueberry syrup so far. TIPS: Make your own Oat flour to save cost. Pour Quaker rolled oats into a blender and blend until all is a powder. Buy whole wheat flour that has NOT been bleached. Use only PURE honey. Use Almond, Rice or Soy milk (try not to use cow milk) Make your own lemon juice by squeezing a fresh room temperature lemon. Extra virgin cold pressed olive oil has the best taste and has no extra junk in it. Use real vanilla extract, imitation has too many chemicals and not as good a flavor. If you want to loose weight and feel better this is a very good breakfast, has plenty of fiber to help cleanse the colon which is always the best place to start cleaning for a successful diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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  1. Pancakes:.
  2. Combine oat flour, whole wheat flour and baking powder in large bowl, mix and set aside.
  3. In blender combine milk, honey, lemon juice, olive oil, egg and vanilla until completely blended (make sure the honey has not fallen to the bottom) pour into bowl containing the flour mixture and mix well.
  4. On heated griddle or pan, pour enough pancake mix to create your desired size of pancake.
  5. Cook one first side 20 to 30 seconds then flip over and cook about 10 seconds longer, remove from pan and repeat until mix is used up.
  6. Syrup:.
  7. Combine berries in small sauce pan (if frozen thaw in microwave) with honey and heat on medium heat until starting to bubble.
  8. Pour into blender and blend until completely mixed.
  9. Put pancakes on plate and serve with Berry syrup.
  10. Enjoy.
Most Helpful

These were really yummy! I did make a few changes so I didn't leave stars: substituted ground flax for the eggs (1 T. ground flax + 3 T. water = 1 egg). I also subbed apple sauce for the oil. Made strawberry syrup to go over the top and the kids went wild for it! Thanks for a great recipe and thanks for the tip about making oat flour! It worked like a dream!

SandwichQueen March 05, 2015

Nice! Light texture, but filling. I used regular 2% milk and skipped the fruit syrup. Thanks for posting the recipe.

Lucky in Bayview December 17, 2013

Awesome!! Light, healthy, and the perfect quantity for a small family ;) Thanks so much!!! I was too lazy to do the syrup. I doubled the cinnamon.

932ninja November 02, 2013