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These came out great! Just a note - the batter is very loose, but it makes a tasty soft and nice cookie. I added nuts (walnuts 1cup), and butterscotch chips about a cup, (along with the 12oz of choc chips) - and about 50% more cinnamon and nutmeg. The butterscotch just WORKS!

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Chuck_Roast January 27, 2009

Ka-Chow!! Super good, and tones of them!! I did not have wheat germ on hand so I used rolled oats instead. I did not have egg substitute but the amount given is equal to 1 egg so I just did 2 eggs. I used pumpkin pie spice instead of cinnamon and nutmeg. I read the reviews that said it could use some more spice. I love cinnamon and always love a little bit more then a recipe calls for. So I did add in about 1 tsp more spices. I also read the review that said to cook longer then called for, it seemed to me about 12 min was perfect. It made 3 baking pans full and still had two sandwich size zippy bags of left overs for another time. I am taking them tomorrow to a church cookie social, I don't expect any will be left over.

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Salt Lake Meal Swapping November 30, 2008

I cut the recipe in half, but left the full amount of chocolate chips. The first round to come out of the oven was a little bland. I think it would have been better if I had left the full amount of spices. I added more cinnamon and good sprinkle of cloves to the remainder of the batter, which added to the flavor. They took me 15+ minutes to cook. Good cookie, though! I will make them again!

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bahungryb January 26, 2008

This makes a TON of cookies! I love pumpkin and chocolate, and I always use whole wheat flour so I decided this one was for me! I used whole wheat flour where called for, and whole wheat pastry for the white. I didn't have quite enough white sugar so I topped off with sucanat (unrefined cane sugar). And I was a bit shy of the amount of pumpkin listed, and I threw in some extra chocolate chips just because. My big issue was that I had to cook these much longer then prescribed. Using the direction of baking until the edges were set gave me cookies that were really not completely done. So I ended up cooking for 15+ minutes. They ended up tasty though. I have frozen a bunch and I hope that works well too!

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ladypit June 19, 2006
Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies