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My first time ever to bake a yeast item- and I'm glad I did! This bread it pretty good by itself, but it is a hundred-percent absolutely AMAZING when toasted with peanut butter.Anyways, substitutions- I completely left out sugar, (still tasted great, not too sweet, not too... not sweet, heh.) used sea salt, and for the topping, I used a combination of sesame seeds, flax seeds, and wheat germ. Anyways, though I normally have no preference in crusts, I actually really loved this crust; it was sooo amazing. Anyways, I baked this about 30 minutes in total, next time I'll do it like 35 minutes- because, trust me, there WILL be a next time. (Maybe tomorrow?)

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Shelby, the wannabe chef December 04, 2005
Whole-Wheat Bread Hayes