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I made this bread tonight and it just turned out okay. (I made it on the dough cycle and then put it in a pan and baked it at 400 as another reviewer suggested, but mine was done in 25 minutes, not 35. Maybe because it was in a gas oven.) It was super light, and it was almost *identical* to the plain wheat bread you buy in the store. (You know the one next to the plain white bread - it doesn't have any nuts or oatmeal or anything - just plain.) It had the same texture, sliced the same, and didn't have hardly any flavor. But it's the best one I've tried yet that slices perfect and holds together/is bendable to make sandwiches. I just wish it had more flavor. :/ If anyone has any suggestions on how to make it taste more flavorful, I'd love to try it. :)

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Sapphire Ice February 19, 2013

Love it! I actually made this by adding Katzen's Harvest Grain Blend for Bread. . .I did her hot overnight soak of 2/3 grain mix and 1 cup water, then decreased the amounts of milk and flour by the same. I made the 1.5 lb loaf and am glad I did! Thanks for posting! Made for my friend for Veggie Swap March 2010. <>

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JanuaryBride March 23, 2010

Great whole wheat bread, so much better than store bought. I made the larger loaf but it did not rise a lot. Very nice dense texture and slices easily. Enjoyed two slices with butter along with my Lori's Mexican Chili Crockpot Soup by Nif. Will make this bread again! Made and reviewed for the Cooking Game Forum's I Recommend Tag Game - February 2010.

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lauralie41 March 08, 2010

Very delicious. I made the smaller loaf. I needed a couple of extra tablespoons of milk to get the correct dough consistency. I used the dough cycle, punched it down after the first rise, shaped it and let it rise again in a small loaf pan. I then baked it in a 400 degree convection oven for 35 minutes.

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Marie Nixon February 26, 2010

Wow! This is closer to 10 stars! I never eat bread without butter (not big on the taste) and I could eat this bread plain all day long, in fact it is so good i have not even tried it with butter! It is dense and moist with a soft crust. Just perfect! I made the 1 1/2 lb loaf option on the dough cycle and then divided into two loafs (which I will not do again because this bread does not rise very much) and baked at 400F for 17 minutes. It was perfect! Thanks so much for posting this gem! This will be our new standard bread in our house! [Made for Veggie Swap February 2010]

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~SarahBeth~ February 09, 2010

Very Yummy! A slightly crisp crust and tender crumb make this a wonderful bread to eat. It has enough flavor to eat without anything on it, but I'm sure will make wonderful sandwiches. The only change I made was to substitute olive oil for the shortening. Definitely a make again!

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IngridH November 07, 2009

After seeing all the photos in the swap I had to try this recipe. I have not used my BM in several years but now you all have inspired me to retrieve my BM from the back of my cupboard. I am so glad I did. This bread was very good. I made 2 loaves already! The 1st loaf I made in a loaf pan and I was not impressed with the shape from the loaf pan. Next loafIshaped and let it rise and baked on a baking sheet. This shape turned out better but I need to continue practicing my bread shaping skills. When I feel more confident I would like to try the Harvest Grain Blend with this recipe. Thanks for sharing this lovely bread recipe. Made for VIP Veg N Swap Fall 2009.

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SoCalCookerGal October 22, 2009

Lovely, good for you, bread. I can never finish a loaf of bread before it starts growing cultures. I make buns that I can keep in the freezer to use as I need and that works perfectly for me. I got 8 beautiful buns (some larger and some smaller) out of the 2 lb amount. I've also made this as my choice for Mersaydees, Octobers VIP in the Vegetarian Swap.

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Annacia October 13, 2009

An excellent bread and so easily prepared. I used the buttermilk, and discovered I had only brown bread flour, so used that, replacing some flour with a cup of digestive bran. At Katzens recommendation, I used olive oil instead of shortening. I used my ABM to make the dough, then placed it in a loaf tin, allowing it to rise again before baking in the oven. This bread presents well, slices very well, and has excellent texture, we had some that evening with supper and everyone enjoyed it .. DDs boyfriend was surprised to discover bread does not just come from shops! :D Thanks very much Mersaydees, Octobers VIP in the Vegetarian Swap#15!

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Karen Elizabeth October 12, 2009

Mersaydees!!! This is the most delicious bread!! I love so much that it is a smaller loaf, as well - perfect for the two of us. I did add my Harvest Grain Blend for Bread by doing a hot soak as you did recently when you reviewed it, and it worked out PERFECTLY! I have to say, when I saw the pic you posted on that review, I couldn't wait to make this bread! I added 3/4 cup of the grain mix to 1 cup of boiling water, and let it soak an hour before starting the loaf. I then subtracted the 1 cup water from the 1 1/4 cup water in the recipe, using 1/4 cup total, and did the same with the bread flour, subtracting the 3/4 cup of grain mix from the 1 cup of bread flour, using 1/4 cup total as I made the 1.5 lb loaf.) I also used olive oil instead of shortenting. This tasty bread will be made often in my home! It's about as close to perfection as I've ever had in homemade bread. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe, mersaydees! Made for Veggie Swap 15's VIP - mersaydees!

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Katzen October 03, 2009
Whole Wheat Bread (A B M)