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I've made bread from 100% whole wheat for years. Maybe I had a bad day when I made this one. It never did rise. The yeast was bubbly, but this turned out like a brick.

I'll give it another try, as it looks like a good idea, but my first try was a flop. Rose a little bit in the refrigerator overnight, as expected. During the 3 hour warming/raising ... should double in size. Nothing. Was the same size after 3 hours in a warm kitchen.

Oh, well.

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mrzed March 25, 2012

I like bread to make with this method (OVERNIGHT) very much. It was matured. Great whole wheat fragrance, great taste, and sweetness! I was able to really taste them directly. This 'Whole Wheat Bread 100%' was really delicious! This recipe is very simple, and important healthy too! I made a few healthy changes. I exchanged water with soymilk, and I reduced some whole wheat flour and added rye flour. Yummy!!! I will frequently make these. Thanks so much for the great recipe!

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minmin-mika April 08, 2010

Not much to say that this was the BEST homemade bread that I have ever made! It was soft, and i didn't even need to use bread machine! Yes, this bread is a long process, but I feel it is well worth it. You know exactly what goes in it, and I feel great serving it to my family! I changed just a few things. I used light butter instead of regular (to save on calories) and only used 1/4 cup of brown sugar.

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tgarbacz March 02, 2009

I really liked the method for this bread and I learned a lot making it. One thing I learned is that no matter how wonderful the texture, taste, smell of the bread, I prefer just a tiny bit of white flour in my "whole" wheat bread. First, I tried this recipe exactly as written and it came out beautifully. Our house is cold, so it took a bit longer to come to room temperature initally, but the dough rose very nicely. The bread tasted wonderful! It was much better than any other 100% whole wheat loaf I've ever tried. The second time I tried this, I found that I needed a little more whole wheat flour than I had on hand, so I needed to use about 1 cup of white flour. I actually preferred this loaf a bit more, the texture was less rough and it tasted very similar. I used a scale for the flour and found that both times I needed closer to 30 ounces of flour to get to a dough of the right consistency. The loaves were not dry and didn't have the "aahhh yes, this is a bit sawdust-like" flavor I hate about whole wheat. I truly believed that the cold ferment made all the difference. Thanks for sharing this recipe...it'll be a recipe that we rotate through the bread baking at our house!

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Akikobay October 27, 2005
Whole Wheat Bread 100%