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I made these this morning and found them to be a little bit lacking in the flavor department. That's with two whole eggs and sweetened cinnamon applesauce. I would suggest dropping the brown sugar and going back to granulated (I know, it sacrifices some of the health properties), putting in even more apple and raisins, and perhaps throwing in a dollop of sour cream. The taste was just a little too floury and had very little cinnamon flavor or sweetness. I will say that the apple chunks and raisins were quite nice, so next time, I will likely add more.

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Violet_angel March 12, 2014

These muffins are really good! I made them last night and before taking his first bite, my husband paused and asked me if they were low-fat (because he hates all the low-fat muffins I've made for him so far). I told him yes and he hesitantly took a bite, then another... then he said that they were actually really good and gobbled up the whole thing! I had one this morning for breakfast and it was very good and still nice and moist. I'm going to freeze the rest for DH to grab on his way to work in the mornings. I will make these again. Thank you! Reviewed for PAC Spring 2009.

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thepurpleturtle April 16, 2009
Whole Wheat Apple-Raisin Muffins