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OK, I admit it, I was skeptical. Just ten minutes?!! But YES, it was so wonderful. I had been fortunate enough to be given a salmon from a fisherman friend (I live in the Pacific Northwest!) and tried this recipe. Fabulous! Easy! Uses things I already have on hand. Wonderfully moist and tender. Perfect for company (or a dinner party or banquet) because you don't have to do anything at the last minute (it's just hiding there in the oven waiting for you)!! Thanks so much for posting this delicious way to cook salmon. Mmmm! (I should mention that my salmon was not quite this big - probably more like 4 pounds - and the 10 minutes was still just right.)

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Maven in the Making March 05, 2013

I started out with this recipe, however made so many changes I am going to enter a different recipe. I did not like the leaving it in the over for a long time part.

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Ambervim November 29, 2013

This is Fabulous! I tried it, thinking I could always finish it on the grill if it wasn't cooked. It was perfect and tender and just right. My guests actually asked for the leftovers. I am going to do this again. Thanks.

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Marilyn Rob July 22, 2009

Wow - so glad I found this recipe! I put a 3.5kg salmon into the oven at 1pm yesterday, and very nervously left it there - had a housewarming party last night! Opened the oven at 6pm and it was gorgeous - so juicy and moist! I made a paste of orange, lime, garlic and salt, and spread it over the skin and inside, then covered the fish with lime and orange slices, and drizzled with a little Cointreau - very effective! Thank you Steve for sharing this great idea! Now a firm favourite in this family! Tricia in Oz

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Tricia Mendes July 10, 2009

This did work out quite well. I did use a frozen salmon but would not recommend that as it dried out inside 3 hours. I will try again with fresh as I believe it was the fault of the fish I used not the recipe. Thanks for the recipe.

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Shahana May 08, 2008
Whole Oven Cooked Salmon