White Trash / Trailer Trash

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

A Kitchen Daddio variation on a holiday favorite. Easy to make; easy to clean! And kids love it! Parents, try letting your kids make it themselves (with your supervision of course!). Update 12/26/06: Hat tip to "Kat's Mom" for catching a major typo! No, it should NOT have been 60 oz. of chocolate chips. It should be 16 oz!!! Try this one again, and I promise you'll enjoy it, or I'll refund you the ingredients.

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  1. For "WHITE TRASH," use the first four ingredients only. Or for a fun variation - add the optional chocolate chips and dry roasted peanuts to make "TRAILER TRASH!".
  2. Melt butter, peanut butter (and chocolate chips) together in medium sauce pan OVER LOW HEAT. Place Rice Chex (and dry roasted peanuts) in a large container (plastic salad mixing bowls with lids work great!). Pour melted mixture over Rice Chex (and peanuts) and toss, until evenly coated throughout.
  3. ---Kids love this part!---.
  4. Then pour conf. sugar over mixture (1 box at a time), place lid on container, and shake shake shake! Shake well, until all the mixture is coated with sugar. Repeat with second box.
  5. Serve, and enjoy!


Most Helpful

love this snack. it's so easy, too! i usually make mine with chex, but this is tasty with golden grahams cereal, too.

LisaJ26 August 09, 2008

The only size box of Rice Chex available here is 15.6 ounce. I cannot imagine making this with 60 ounces of chocolate chips. Is that right? I used a 24 ounce bag and that was too much. Be careful when melting the butter, peanut butter and chocolate chips as the chocolate can scorch on the bottom before the top is even melted. Two pieces of advice: 1) Only serve this outdoors unless you want to ruin your rugs. 2) Use a huge container. I used my largest cooking pot and still was unable to stir this properly. The cereal just disintegrated. Sorry Daddio, I really wanted this to work, but it just made a sickly sweet mess.

Kat's Mom December 24, 2006

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