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I have made this twice, both times exactly like the recipe, and it was absolutely fantastic! It tastes much more complicated than it really is. I made it over Christmas for a bunch of relatives, and they raved about it. Definitely stole the show! :) This is going in my keeper file!

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txghog December 29, 2003

I make this using 2 jars of Bertolli Portobello mushroom with white wine alfredo sauce. I used a little more chicken and garlic, and a wonderful type of fresh parmesan cheese that a friend gave me for christmas, It was absolutely wonderful and thank you for posting this recipe which I will be making again and again.

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~Nimz~ December 26, 2003

This was a nice change from the normal lasagna I normally make. I followed the directions exactly and used Classico Alfredo Sauce as one of the other reviewers suggested. I think a little spinach and some hot pepper flakes would make a great addition and I might add them next time. Made for PAC - Fall 2008

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Kim D. October 21, 2008

I ried this lasagne today and it was great. I used Classico Alfredo Sauce and my kids and husband found it delicious. It is a nice change from usual lasagne. The only thing I added were mushrooms and olives on our-side of the lasagne, because I happen to have some in the fridge. Thanks for a great recipe.

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kleine_rosa_hexe July 15, 2008

I made this dish along with a red meat lasagne for my bunco party last spring. It went over very well. I took Mimsy's suggestion...shredded the chicken, then I added drained chopped spinach. I added moz, parm, egg and a package of pesto mix to the ricotta. I made it a day ahead, and reheated it for the dinner party. It served nicely, and held together well. By special request, am serving it again this weekend.

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foodiegal February 27, 2006

I have made similar white lasagna recipes but never with jar sauce. To make the sauce more appealing parmesan cheese can be added as well as a little white wine. Personally I would add 1 egg,1/2 c. mozzerella cheese and 1/4 c. paremesan to the riccotta cheese also some italian seasoning blend and or fresh basil and rosemary. Spinach is a nice addition to a lasagna like this as well. And I try shredding the chicken in coarse shreds as it may layer easier. I think I am in the mood to make this now.. ~mimsy

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Mims Cookin February 28, 2005

This not very good. I think the pasta sauce I used contributed too much salt, but that wasn't the only thing we didn't like. I would suggest that the garlic should be sauted by itself in olive oil and then added to the ricotta mixture. The garlic came through as far too strong a flavour, and we really like garlic normally. I followed the recipe almost exactly, but I didn't know what Italian Seasoning was so I added Oregano and Basil. I added a bit of mozzarella to the top too, because we like it cheesy. I added no additional salt, which was a blessing. Overall, I think this could be a good recipe, but I won't make it again, I think the prepared sauces are just of such a so so quality, particularly of white sauces.

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Sassy Syrah March 06, 2004
White Lasagne