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My mother-in-law has guarded this recipe for the last 20 years. Not until she had a heart attack was I let in on the secret. This nog is the best ever. If you don't like the first glass, by the time you hit the second and third you will not remember the first. This is the best nog recipe ever.

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jshaw1103 November 22, 2009

I found this recipe seven or eight years ago and made up 3 gallons of it. It is amazing. The comment on the original recipe I saw said this is the first egg nog served to the press corps where all the cups in the room ended empty. Everyone who has tried it in my circle of friends and family have loved it. Contrary to the comment that is with the recipe, I have kept this mix in my refrigerator for years. It just gets smoother and smoother each year. I am drinking from a batch I made 2 years ago right now and it is wonderfully smooth and tasty. I guess all the booze keeps it from spoiling...

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lmintun December 01, 2012
White House Eggnog