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My sister in law introducted me to this recipie and I have been making it ever since. We LOVE the punch. You can also add some Malibu rum or Captain Morgan's and it is quite tasty!!! Crushed pineapple is delish in it also!!!

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aunt_tt@oh.rr.com September 08, 2011

I'm not going to give this a rating, because others have had this turn out so well. Just wanted to comment and give warning that this can turn out a DISASTER. I tried this punch for a xmas party with my family (glad it was them and not other company). When I poured in the soda, it didn't mix with the milk part and so I put in a wooden spoon and barely stirred it to get them to mix together and ending up creating a punch volcano. Then the milk part curdled. It all tasted fine. It was just a huge mess to clean up and did NOT look like the appetizing photo posted here. I'm not brave enough to risk a second try, but I did like the taste. Maybe next year we'll just have the soda with vanilla ice cream.

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berry271 January 08, 2014

DELICIOUS!! I needed a white punch to serve in a pail to look like milk at my son's farm themed 3rd birthday party. Everyone loved this! Very rich and creamy punch.

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AprilShowers July 26, 2008
White Holiday Punch