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This is a brilliant recipe. So simple yet tasting so good. I used sole fish for this recipe and it was probably one the best fish dish i have ever served. The herbs sauce taste zesty and even my seven-year-old ate it without complaining of eating teh green garnish! I mixed the fresh herbs (plenty!) in the sauce the last 30secs before removing the pan from the stove. Oh! I also mixed in one flat tea spoon of sugar in the sauce and it was excellent. Kudos!

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Em in Jakarta August 04, 2008

Bf rates this 5 stars, and I agree. :) This was a nice, easy recipe. I used Tilapia fillets, and used just 2, but kept the sauce liquids the same b/c I really like sauce. The sauce is nice over white rice, too. Tasted nice with cooked baby carrots, also! I'm sorry I had to use dried chives and parsley; I used 1 tbsp of parsley and 1 tsp chives, which seemed to work fine. I used chicken broth, as I never have fish stock on hand. The fish had a nice crispy outside and were cooked perfectly in 2 mins first side, 1 min second side, and the flavor of the sauce was refreshing and complemented the mild tilapia. Btw, my bf dislikes garnishes or anything that resembles garnish, so what I did was mix the herbs into the sauce before serving (those are the dark clumps in the pics). My bf rarely gives 5 stars, so it looks like this one goes into my Tried and Loved cokbook. Thanks for sharing this lovely recipe, Charishma! Made for My-3-Chefs June 2008, for my theme "Swimmin' with the Fish".

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blancpage June 12, 2008
White Fish With Lemon and Fresh Herbs