White Cornmeal Hoe Cake

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READY IN: 13mins
Recipe by Mommykicksbutt

Hoe Cakes were the first simple forms of corn bread in the South. Simple corn meal mixed with water and salt and then baked. Originally, Native Americans cooked these on hot rocks in an open fire. They were commonly referred to as Ash Cakes. Later, settlers from Europe adopted the recipe, cooking the cakes on the blades of their hoes in the fireplace. Slaves baked theirs on a plank or the cotton hoe on hot embers. This is where they get the name “Hoe Cake”. Serve Hoe Cakes as bread or as a side item with dinner or as breakfast with butter and syrup.

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  1. Combine the cornmeal and salt in medium bowl. Stirring cornmeal mixture constantly with spoon, pour in boiling water in a slow stream and beat until smooth. Let stand a few minutes. Heat a large heavy skillet with bacon fat, butter or oil until hot. For each hoe cake, drop 2-3 tablespoons batter into skillet of hot bacon dripping or oil and pat into flat circles, about 4 inches in diameter. Cook hoe cakes about 2 minutes on each side or until golden brown, turning them with a wide spatula. If needed, add more fat to pan for remaining cakes. Serve hoe cakes while still hot.

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