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No stars yet, as I haven't baked it. Just wanted to get the photo up. Looks really pretty in the jar. I can see a lot of my friends enjoying this. UPDATE: Nov 22,2007 I have baked this and am extremely disappointed. I do think that the baking time is off as well as the amount of butter. The finished product was extremely greasy. Baking time took 35 minutes, and still wasn't quite done in the center. The remaining bars have put to the garbage. If someone else decides to give it a whirl, I'd suggest decreasing the butter to 1/4 cup. ANOTHER UPDATE: March 2/08 - I gave this mix to my daughter, who baked it and reported that it was fantastic. Her and her husband REALLY enjoyed. Clearly, I did something wrong when I made it. My apologies Redneck for screwing up on an obviously wonderful recipe. I'll have to give it another try.

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Diana #2 March 19, 2008

My daughters and I had fun making these to give as gifts to friends and teachers. We enjoyed eating them as well! The white chocolate and cherries/cranberries go well together.

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kimala4 January 18, 2008
White Christmas Cherry Bars in a Jar