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This is AMAZING!!! It raises VERY high while cooking, I thought for sure my pan was going to overflow but it did not. The cake is very moist and the tang of the cranberries contrasting to the brown sugar that is almost carmelized on the top takes this over the top. My husband who claims to not like anything with whole cranberries went crazy for this. This would make an incredible start for Thanksgiving breakfast,,,,or for just about ANY occasion!

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Michelle S. November 22, 2009

absolutely amazing!! I loved the mixture of the sweet and tanginess of the cranberries. Very easy to make and came out awesome. Cant wait to make another one for Thanksgiving since this one is already gone. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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Lila M. November 27, 2013

This came out absolutely amazing! The directions are a bit off, and I did change the recipe some. I used Almond Milk in place of the buttermilk, and I added that to the wet ingredients and mixed the dry in with the wet a bit at a time. I also used a butter spread in place of butter (I always do,) and I shorted the brown sugar by about a quarter cup. It only took an hour to cook for me until the center was firm and it was perfectly done. The cake came out super moist and delicious, the top rising over the pan. I made this for a get-together with my boyfriend, father and stepmother and everyone loved it (my dad ate three large pieces!) Very easy to make, I definitely recommend!

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Tiffany27 November 28, 2010
White Chocolate Fresh Cranberry Coffee Cake